Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Join the 9.3m who've already enjoyed "Henri's Boogie" at St Pancras + some old-time boogie-woogie classics

Not at all bad - but it doesn't get much better than Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson:

Or Albert Ammons on his own:

Or, come to that, Pete Johnson his own:

Or the joyous "Pinetop's Boogie" by Clarence, Pinetop or Pine Top Smith (he used all three names), released in 1928:

Or Meade Lux Lewis on 1944's "Chicago Flyer":

Here's the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra's "Boogie Woogie" from 1938:

I'll end with the Will Bradley Orchestra's "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" from 1940, featuring the incomparable Freddie Slack on piano (the song's title derives from Slack's nickname, "Daddy"):

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  1. Henri's Boogie - invigorating but it's quite baffling to see those around so distant from the exuberance of the performance. I am at St Pancreas several times a year and have only witnessed buffoons playing chopsticks on that piano. I followed on the Gronmark Blog-Screen a performance by Valentina Lisitsa - there she was in her quilted green anorak bashing out one of Liszt's top tunes - enchanting. Whoever thought of the St Pancreas piano deserves a gold star.