Friday, 7 August 2015

Police officers and paramedics are swarming around outside our house - what's going on?

Here's some more activity:

Hang on - that's my wife and son! Are they in trouble? My son looks worried: 

But my wife appears to have been released with a caution:

So what's going on? Here's a clue - do you recognise the chap in dark glasses being snapped by my son?

Here he is again:

Yes, you're right - it's Detective Inspector Hathaway, aka Laurence Fox, filming the next series of the ITV crime drama, Lewis. My wife and son and some of our neighbours have been asked to appear as extras. I've spent the day switching between watching the  test match on TV and what's going on outside our windows. Hang on - my nearest and dearest have just reappeared: I can hear them going "Mwah! Mwah!" two floors below. I'll probably have to spend the evening listening to a stream of theatrical anecdotes about their new best friend, "Larry" Fox. I wonder if they need an agent?  


  1. What? No part for you? Your role as PC Scott "Fancy" Gronmark must forever remain on the Z cars cutting room floor.

    1. I am what Orson Welles - referring to himself - called a "King Actor" (presumably as in "Oh God, not another 'king actor"). I feel I am also one of nature's King Actors, so I demanded a starring role. For some reason, they refused to accommodate this perfectly reasonable request. Plus, the cricket was on.