Saturday, 27 June 2015

This is the woman whose apparently selective reporting of remarks by a Nobel prize-winning scientist led to his sacking

Her name is Connie St Louis, she's a journalism lecturer (in other words, one of those who can't), and she's the woman who tweeted evidently semi-humorous remarks about females working in labs made by the scientist Tim Hunt at a recent conference in Seoul. These remarks, she assured her followers, ruined her meal. Well, we can't have that - rather a distinguished scientist who has made a genuine contribution to the fight against cancer be stripped of his position at various institutions (UCL, the European Research Council and the Royal Society) by a baying pack of cultural Marxists and a few cowardly academic administrators than that a journalism lecturer should have her meal spoilt (and, let's face it, she looks like she enjoys her food). 

When I saw this woman's picture on the Daily Mail website today, I'll admit that - for me at least - it all seemed to fall into place. It may be my imagination, but she does bear some of the hallmarks of a committed offendotron, i.e. the sort of person who scours the world like a truffle pig for things to be offended by. Anyway, the Daily Mail has done us all a favour by investigating the claims made by this wonderful, warm-hearted, compassionate humanitarian about her own career. You can find the article here. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the Mail's claims, but It makes for fascinating reading.

According to City University London's website, Connie St Louis is their Senior Lecturer in Journalism. In case anyone would like to contact her in order to show support for the brave stand she has taken against male chauvinism, It also gives her contact details (here). 

Venceremos, Connie!

(There is no suggestion that Mo Farrah has done anything wrong. I've put this statement in, not because it has anything to do with the story, but because the BBC seems determined to repeat it ad nauseam, so I feel I'd better adopt the same policy.) 


  1. I'm not sure which I find the more troubling, that this silly cow has been given a sinecure teaching what she imagines to be journalism to students too dim to see through her, or the reaction of Sir Tim Hunt's boss at UCL, who comes across as the sort of right on half-wit who has so burnished this country's reputation as a laughing stock in recent years.

    Frankly, both of them should be sacked.

    1. I checked up on City University online, and, strangely, it's a fairly heavyweight institution - so how Connie got a job there (apart from the obvious answer) is even more of a mystery. There have been a number of run-ins between the authorities and the university's seemingly rather strident Muslim student contingent in the past. I bet Connie loudly condemned Islam's attitude towards women - or maybe it's just distinguished septuagenarian white men she has a problem with.

  2. She looks like Stevie Wonder dressed in his Kunta Kinte ensemble. As Rod Liddle said in the Spectator recently the world is full of people with "the desperate yearning to be transgressed". Well, she and the PC/Social Media drips have ruined a distinguished career so I wonder who they'll move on next? Or is the stupid bitch too busy negotiating an advertising contract with Marks & Spencer? I was going to say something about Dian Abbott here, but the blood is up so better not.

    1. Ah, yes - I was wondering where I'd seen that look before. Spot on. As for Diane Abbott, I think we can rest assured that the Greek debt crisis is about to be sorted out, because the woman who sent her son to a private schools so he wouldn't have to be educated with all those frightful black children in her constituency tweeted the following earlier today:
      "I have signed an emergency letter of solidarity with the Greek people calling for debt cancellation #CancelGreekDebt"

      Not just any old sort of letter, mind you - but an "emergency" one!


  3. The Hattie McDaniel look-alike was on "Any Questions" two weeks ago. She was on with the 8th Duke of Wellington [His Grace was probably wondering why he was seated next to a huge glistening blancmange?]. The question of the Government ban on the migrant boat people out of Libya came up and soon she was off - her flutey, cartoon voice going out of control. "How many should we let in?" enquired Dimblebore. "As many as we can afford!" came the helium response. Very practical. Very Labour Party.

  4. My understanding is that Sir Tim was, in effect, sacked for 'bringing his university into disrepute' or some catch-all 'offence' of that kind. Given the revelations about the heavily massaged credentials sported by Connie St Louis, surely she is bang to rights under the same charge?

    I'm glad to see that Breitbart London has nailed the vile woman today.