Monday, 12 January 2015

BBC Radio's The Now Show doesn’t appear to have realised that Dubya is no longer President

Please stop before my sides split, Rich!
The topical “comedy” programme, The Now Show, isn’t the worst or the smuggest pile of left-wing crap regularly dumped on us by the BBC – that accolade belongs, of course, to The News Quiz, the unfunniest programme in the history of British radio (and that's really saying something). Nevertheless TNS (as I expect it’s referred to within the BBC) is undoubtedly a smug pile of left-wing crap. Hosted by Punt and Dennis (I’m already chuckling at the very thought of them) it this week featured a monologue from alleged comic and professional American Rich Hall. Guess what his subject was? Yup – the sheer awfulness of George W. Bush! How incredibly "now" is that!

Hall started his funny-as-dysentery diatribe ranting about the fact that Jeb Bush, the former Republican Governor of Florida, is apparently thinking of running for the presidency. He then did some deliberately bad impressions of the Baldwin brothers acting (no, I don’t have a clue what that was about), followed by a truly disgusting sex joke involving Barbara Bush (I don't know why he didn't maintain the great Reithian tradition of phoning the old lady up and sharing the filthy joke with her - how much funnier would that have been!) - and then shouted angrily about the prospect of another Bush walking into the White House with the nuclear bomb codes in one hand and a bucket in the other (another reference that went over this honorary limey’s head).

The tawdry, lazy routine contained the immortal line: ”Never underestimate America’s
ability to pick the wrong man for the job." Not much chance of that, Rich – your countrymen have voted for Barack Obama twice in a row, and he’s generally considered the worst American president since the wretched Jimmy Carter – in fact, although it’s hard to credit, many respected, highly intelligent American political commentators think Barry’s even more of a catastrophe than the Israel-hating peanut-farmer. A sputtering economy, monstrously increased debt levels, the disaster that is Obamacare, a foreign policy seemingly based on the appeasement of tyrants and Islamic terrorists, spying on journalists, using the IRS to punish opponents, historically low approval ratings, and, (despite the slavish support of an adoring, Republican-hating press corps), an eye-wateringly comprehensive drubbing in the latest mid-term elections … you name it, this lacklustre dud is evidently King Midas in Reverse.

Obama's sheer, mind-boggling awfulness can probably best be measured by the fact that – despite allegedly racist Americans having elected a black man to the highest office in the land TWICE - racial tensions are sky-high, and even black voters are starting to desert the Golfer-in-Chief. Jeez, the lazy sod running the greatest democracy on earth couldn’t even be arsed to hop on Airforce One to attend the JeSuisCharlie march in Paris at the weekend and show support for democracy and free speech (because, hey, do they really matter that much?): The Prez was apparently too busy watching American football on TV.

And The Now Show thinks George Bush and his relatives are the big American issue of the day? What next – a rant about Ronald Reagan being a dumb cowboy? Maybe they’ll decide to be really bold and have a go at Nixon (right after they’ve given Mrs. Thatcher the kicking she deserves - never fails to raise the roof).

The only time I’ve seen Rich Hall live (at some digital media industry awards evening) he opened his act with remarks along the lines of “As an American, I want to apologise to you all for George Bush.” His routine was equally leaden that night – but at least George Bush actually was President at the time. Maybe, as Rich Hall spends a lot of time at his flat in London rather than on his American ranch, he hasn’t realised that there’s a new POTUS in town – and that the new guy's making his predecessor look like a shoe-in for a spot on Mount Rushmore.

The Now Show audience, needless to say, almost wet itself with delight at Hall’s wildly topical, in-your-face, cutting-edge material. Where does the BBC find these braindead libtards?

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