Friday, 30 January 2015

Another trip to the parallel universe that is Bad Record Covers!

Apparently, the title translates as Please, Stop Me Before I Kill Again

I've done the tax return, the car insurance, the home insurance, and finished a lengthy magazine article, so obviously it was time to treat myself by going through the wonderful Bad Record Covers Twitter feed (which you can visit here) and selecting the best examples from the last few months. I noticed last week that the equally fabulous Awkward Family Photos site (here) has started a range of birthday cards - can Bad Record Covers be far behind?

...and then I woke up screaming!
Retsina? No wonder she looks so worried.
Okay - you really give me the creeps. Is that better?

I suggest you lay off the sprouts, John.
Didn't he used to be called Wayne Kerr?
The one in the middle - that's a bloke, right?
Oh, I bet she's really having fun!
Plays piano with his elbows and hangs out with hookers -  what's not to admire? 
I saw this film. Didnt sleep for a month. 
Yes, some bald men used to wear their hair like this. Deliberately. 
I don't know, Bum - I really don't.
"Hello, police? Yes, he's the trees...just staring..." 
Just how mentally ill would you have to be to buy this record?
What exactly is it about the word "quartet" they don't understand?
Yes - so we've heard. 

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