Tuesday, 23 December 2014

"The Man with the Twang" - a special seasonal release from The Fulminators for their millions of adoring fans!

For liner notes, see below:

I first recorded a version of this five years' ago as "On the Prowl" (which I know you won't want to hear, but in case you do, it's available here). I was still learning how to use Apple's Garageband as a sequencer at the time, and everything came out sounding weedy and malnourished when I exported it to iTunes as an MP3 track - and I'd have to go back into Garageband, lower the volume, cut back on the bass and treble, and re-export the damn thing, now sounding pallid and gutless. And I'm really not a Coldplay fan. Then after about two years or so - spurred by rage at having had to turn another meaty rocker into something more suitable for a thé dansant - I discovered one of those magic tick-boxes that makes everything okay at the press of a key (and, no, I have no idea why software developers don't just ship the programmes so they just do everything we want them to do from the off). I cannot for the life of me remember which Garageband box I ticked to imrove things, but will no doubt have to hunt it down once more when I replace my ancient Mac next year.

Anyhow, I'd always liked the guitar parts of "On the Prowl" and always hated the bass part and a particularly ghastly bridge section near the end, so - looking for something to get me back into recording after a fifteen-month hiatus, and not wanting to shred my tender finger-tips laying down fresh guitar parts - I decided to rework the whole thing, only making changes I could do using the keyboard. I speeded the whole thing up from 160bpm to 180bpm, added some extra percussion, did a new bridge using Garageband's Jazz Organ, whacked in some Grand Piano and replaced the Acoustic Bass part with a grumbling Muted Bass - and "The Man with the Twang" is the result.

Okay, it's not of much interest musically, but it's a damned sight livelier and gutsier than the original.

A Merry Christmas to you all from The Fulminators.

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