Monday, 1 December 2014

Britain's rape "culture" and why it's impossible for a sane person to watch audience participation current affairs TV shows

It's been years since I watched one of those shouty TV gabfests where some standard-issue Guardianista presenter with a clipboard presides over a meaningless parade of substanceless platitudes from a motley collection of ignorant lefties for whom facts are kryptonite, and who respond to sensible comments from the sprinkling of right-wingers in the audience by raising their voices, shouting "racist" and morally preening like billy-o while the rest of the audience boos and hisses anyone who commits the modern sin of  saying something remotely sensible.

The presenter's job seems to be to shut down anyone with anything remotely original or illuminating to contribute, while ensuring that the most vacuous, prejudiced members of the audience are given free rein: whenever the brainless leftard gets into trouble, the presenter immediately leaps in to save them by finding some other unthinking numbnuts  to deliver the correct message - e.g. "all men are rapists", "all white people are racists", "it's all because of the cuts", "private schools should be shut down", "the NHS needs more money", "all businessmen are evil", "gassing badgers is like Hitler or something", "frackers are like HItler or something", "we need a national debate" (i.e. to expose the wickedness of anyone who disagrees with me)... yada yada yada

There's a fundamental difference between modern left-liberals and those of a conservative or right-wing disposition: many left-wingers (certainly the ones that void their pea-sized brains on television) have absolutely no interest in the truth - in fact, it terrifies them. When anyone introduces an inconvenient fact which disproves what they've been saying, left-wingers are willing to do anything - including lying, feigning outrage, and impugning the morality of the wretch who has spoken the truth - in order to have that embarrassing fact thrown out of court. All of this is forensically (and splenetically) demonstrated in the following video, which was recommended earlier today by James Delingpole via Twitter. I found it both hilarious and enraging (I agree with him about the green trousers, but I have avoided acquainting myself with the facts of the Ched Evans imbroglio, and I could certainly have done without Dapper Laughs, whoever he might be):  

I can quite understand why the chap doing the commentary comes close to losing the plot towards the end: there is nothing more infuriating than witnessing irrational people  masturbating themselves into a frenzy of self-righteous - and utterly purposeless - indignation. 

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