Sunday, 21 December 2014

107 crazy, counter-intuitive, poverty-creating, society-destroying left-liberal beliefs

Moron with megaphone

Over the past few years, I've posted three collections of deluded, nonsensical, unsupportable beliefs characteristic of the "new" or "third" left, by which I mean the sort of fantasists who write for and read and the Guardian and the New Statesman or go on demos with Russell Brand. The three previous posts (should you care to glance at them) were “Twenty-one weird left-liberal beliefs”, “Twenty-six more weird left-liberal beliefs“, and “Another 30 inexplicable left-liberal beliefs”. I've come up with another 30 to add to the list - please feel free to suggest additions:

78. When white cops patrol black areas in American cities, their role is to oppress the locals rather than protect them from each other (even though 1% of violent black deaths are due to cops and 92% are due to other blacks).

79. Islamist terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam – which suggests all those barbarians screaming “Allahu Akbar!” just before they slaughter innocent people don’t have a clue what the phrase means.

80. All black failure is the fault of white racism rather than the fact that most black kids grow up without a father.

81. A rabble of students, criminals, anarchists, squatters, Trotskyists and a rich comic whose career is on the slide represents a significant political movement which must be taken seriously.

82. The accumulated knowledge and wisdom of past generations should be discounted in favour of whatever the current generation of Oxford PPE graduates thinks would be good for society.

83. The NHS is a “free” service without which most of us would die in ditches while private doctors laughed hysterically at our suffering.

84. The very presence of an Israeli citizen or UKIP candidate on a university campus is an affront to humanity.

85. Far-right extremists are a greater threat to the UK than the far-left extremists who actually organise violent riots.

86. Muslim women should have the right to wear burqas while giving evidence in court, but Christian women shouldn’t be allowed to wear any form of religious insignia at work

87. A Christian telling someone they’ll pray for them constitutes a hate crime.

88. Women taking career breaks to have children and the fact that many women prefer to work part-time in order to spend more time with their family doesn’t account for a small gap in pay between genders.

89. A minimum wage doesn’t make it more difficult for young people to get jobs.

90. There are no circumstances in which it is morally defensible to support any mission involving the British military.

91. Allowing a local school to be entirely swamped by the offspring of one immigrant group represents healthy diversity.

92. If you force top universities to accept substandard, “deprived” students, those students will end up doing just as well as the ones who actually deserve to be there – and, of course, it won’t affect that university’s overall results.

93. You can place infinite burdens on businesses, and they’ll still keep making the profits that ultimately provide the taxes that you love spending on your pet victim groups.

94. There is such a thing as a free lunch.

95. Truth differs across cultures.

96. An immigrant Marxist intellectual who advocated the destruction of all traditional British institutions and Britain's system of government can still be said to have loved that gave him shelter.

97. Any source of energy which isn’t renewable is inherently wicked.

98. We should seek a dialogue with vicious psychopaths who rape, torture and behead anyone who doesn’t agree with them, rather than hunting them down and exterminating them.

99. A British soldier shouting at a terrorist represents a violation of the latter's human rights.  

100. If you stick your fingers in your ears and go “lalalala…not listening!”, a £1.45 trillion debt will simply disappear.

101. Marriage between members of the same sex is just like a real marriage.

102. It makes sense for the leadership of the Church of England to be overwhelmingly left-wing while 67% or regular churchgoers are conservative.

103. Asians and blacks can’t be racist, when all the signs are that they tend to hate each other's guts.

104. There’s nothing peculiar about the fact that the welfare bill increases dramatically when the country is doing well – which suggests that economic success breeds deprivation.

105. The fact that sexual diseases and teenage pregnancies have increased in proportion to the amount of sex education children receive means that more sex education is needed to tackle sexual diseases and teenage pregancies. 

106. Sixteen-year olds should have the vote, even though they have no experience of life, don’t pay tax, and know nothing about anything (oh, hang on – I can see why that would work for the left).

107. When you lose a national referendum by a whopping 10%, it means that you won and that all your demands should immediately be met. 


  1. Wonderful stuff, Scott.

    It may be that the Left's patina of piety is beginning to wear thin in the eyes of the 'Man on the Clapham Omnibus'. I believe that this may be the case with regard to number 79 on your list.

    After all, what source can trump Al -Quran in the matter of Muslim religious duty ;

    Quran 8:12 - " I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

    Also, if 'Jihad ' means a mental or spiritual struggle, we are entitled to ask the local imam why the disabled are exempt from joining it.

    1. I fear there's still quite a way to go before the MOTCO fully grasps the fact that lazy, feelgood, cost-free posturing doesn't mean that the posturer is a deeply caring person rather than - as is often the case - an arrogant, unpleasant shit whose only purpose is to parade his or her moral superiority by accusing others of being insufficiently compassionate. But, like you, I think the realisation has started to dawn.

  2. You may be right, Scott.

    Here's an item about deeply caring students whose softness of heart is matched by that of head.

  3. 84. The very presence of an Israeli citizen or UKIP candidate on a university campus is an affront to humanity.

    84a. Colin G Finlay is to be thanked for the useful addition to No.84 quoted above.

    84b. The BBC's Justin Webb, writing in The Times newspaper, 20 May 2014, should be thanked for another.

    Mr Webb notes that "there have been 95 protests against planned speeches on US campuses since 2009, resulting in 39 withdrawals. And the pace is growing".

    He leads with the case of Dustin Lance Black, "the Academy Award-winning screenwriter and gay activist (and partner of Tom Daley) who had been invited to give the [commwncement] address [at Pasadena City College], then disinvited, then reinvited". Mr Black was disinvited when, inconveniently, a sex tape involving him turned up on the web – that could happen to any of us – and reinvited when his replacement turned out to be a public health official who believes that "evolution is a religion created by Satan".

    Far from broadening it, Mr Webb thinks, the web is closing the mind of the young. There's so much information available to them that the young have to screen out anything that doesn't fit their preconceptions, "people growing up in the internet age do not want conflicting views; they want uniformity. In fact they need it. It helps them to cope". And what uniformity is on offer? Overwhelmingly, left-liberal.

  4. If there existed an award for the most suicidally insane, auto - racist act of self - hatred , this Swedish school principal would be a strong contender in a field replete with extremely tough competition :