Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hurrah! Mia Love of Utah has become the first black Republican woman elected to Congress!

I wrote about the former Mayor of Saratoga Springs Mia Love running for Congress in February 2012 (here). She impressed me back then because she was attractive, feisty, right-wing, non-strident, and she seemed so determined not to play the race card. Unlike so many vile, malign, race-huckstering black Democrat politicians who whip up racial antagonism in order to get themselves elected on the basis of their skin colour (to the Congress or the Presidency), Mia Love sought election in a state where blacks number a mere 1.3% of the population - one tenth of the American average.

Well, she failed back in 2012, losing by less than 800 votes, but she managed it two nights' ago, winning the 4th Congressional District against her Democrat rival by 50% to 47%. When CNN tried to bring up race in the wake up her victory, she gave them short shrift (by the way, LDS stands for Latter-Day Saints - she's a Mormon convert):

Breath of fresh air. Congratulations, Mrs. Love. Who knows? She could end up as America's second black president - it's a racing certainty she'd make a better fist of it than the first.

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