Saturday, 25 October 2014

Yet more awesomely strange LP covers - because everyone needs a hobby

Neil seems to be dreaming of a long fat wang experience
I guess everyone needs a hobby
I preferred her follow-up - Dorothy Goes Postal: Everybody's a Mother
Hey, Bunny - we'll discuss your demands if you just let the kids go!
Just emigrate to Rotherham and become a taxi-driver, Mija
Evidently recorded before the Phillips Ladyshave reached Yugoslavia
And this was recorded before Yugoslavia had dentists
...there's one hell of a racket?
I'm guessing that would require interplanetary travel?
As quickly as possible, please!
And presumably scares the crap out of them!
Just as long as you don't crack one off, Carlos!
...ah! that's why he's wearing that expression
Okay - I believe you!
Sorry, Ray - I honestly haven't the foggiest!
Multiculturalism gone mad
Depends what you want to put in it, Kpuc
Rhyming slang?


  1. I don't quite understand the amusement with Balkan beauty Saveta Jovanovic. She is simply displaying the earthy, natural qualities that used to be quite normal in a country that, admittedly, often breast-fed their male children well past puberty. In my book, the post-feminist world and depilatory cream have a lot to answer for.

    1. I actually favour the moire natural look myself, mahlerman - for instance, I'm generally not a fan of make-up (I mean for women - obviously I wear it all the time). Nevertheless, I think Ms. Jovanovic could have done with a bit of trim, or perhaps the LP cover designer could have framed the photograph in order to downplay this particular feature?