Sunday, 21 September 2014

The only reasonable response to Leonardo DiCaprio's appointment as a UN climate change representative is WTF

What with all the referendum excitement last week, I missed this story on the BBC website, published on 16th September:
The Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change. 
The UN secretary general Ban ki Moon said the actor's global stardom was the perfect match for the global challenge posed by climate change. 
Mr DiCaprio's first duty in his new role will be to address the opening of the climate summit later this month in New York.
I mean, WTF?

Please forgive the (albeited abbreviated) vulgarity, but I didn't want to spell out the phrase "what the fuck" on a family oriented blog. (Oh bugger, that's torn it!)

Oh, the hell with it. I mean, WHAT THE FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK??????????

Years ago, Steve Martin's live act used to feature a routine about an imaginary American TV game show entitled Celebrity Assholes. Now, international politics appears to have turned into an endless episode of Celebrity Assholes. Name a major problem (rape being employed as a weapon of war, deaths and injuries caused by land-mines, AIDS in Africa, famine, drought etc.) or the sort of pseudo-problem beloved by liberals (climate change, Israel's efforts to protect its people from terrorist attacks, government "cuts" etc.) and before you can change the channel there's some self-regarding twassock from the entertainment industry lecturing us about the need for urgent action, usually involving the curtailment of our liberties, the squandering of yet more of our taxes on issues that are either imaginary or have sod all to do with us, the brainwashing of our children by left-wing, anti-Western, UN-loving teachers  to ensure that the standard left-wing, anti-Western UN line on any subject is dunned into the poor little blighters, and the creation of a climate of fear in which anyone who disagrees with the need for any of the activities being promoted is regarded as, like, worse than Hitler, yeah?

Being a leading scientist in a specific area might just about give you the right to advise governments  on a major scientific issue. Being an elected politician might give you the right to decide how to spend taxes based on that advice. Being a senior cleric gives you the right to advise your flock on the moral implications of a scientific issue. But, unless your country is at war, when it's all hands to the pump, in what way does earning a living by delivering lines written by somebody else qualify you to travel the world spouting politically-slanted propaganda on behalf of an organisation whose main aim appears to be to impede the spread of democracy across the globe?

I notice that Emma Thompson was prominent among the participants in the People's Climate March in London this afternoon. Celebrity Assholes indeed.

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