Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The British elctorate's considered response to Ed Miliband's conference speech...


  1. The blight has been fucking off for almost exactly four years, and I think that he is already back here - and instead of fucking off again, he is looking for 'ten years' to 'turn Britain around'. Looking around Europe, and indeed large parts of the globe, I'm not sure we need turning around Ed.

    1. Undoubtedly the worst leader's conference speech I have ever heard. The audience applause at the end must have been due to sheer relief that the meaningless droning had finally ended. The bit where he introduced the female apprentice was the most embarrassing section, but the passage where he threatened to "help" the self-employed - the very people who'd like the bizarre little twerp to get out of the damned way - was the most sinister. I'm beginning to suspect Miliband doesn't actually want to be Prime Minister.
      Listening to the speech while reading comments on Twitter made it bearable, however. After Miliband had name-checked the third or fourth imaginary person he'd bumped into recently, Michael Deacon tweeted: "I've seen Ed Miliband meeting people. They swore at him, called him a liar, and trapped him up against the window of Claire's Accessories" - and then summed up the "together" segment in these words: "Together can we Britain. We together Britain can. Britain, can together we. We! Together! Britain CAN!"

    2. Just listening to the 10 o'clock news.
      Holy fucking smoke. I have heard far better speeches by sixth formers. Miliband, supported by his sparkling wife, has probably distanced himself from most floating voters with such a feeble display of oratory.
      Together we can laugh; together we can ridicule; together we can question the quality of Miliband's speech-writers and his judgement by repeating their trite statements.
      It's not much of an opposition, which is just as well with such a pathetic government.
      Oh dear.....

  2. I think what that jovial chap at the blackboard means is
    Miliband unveils bold NHS funding plan.
    That's what it says on the FT website.

  3. Hard not to feel that forgetting the part of his speech intended to address the deficit is the very definition of 'Freudian forgetfulness' isn't it?