Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Should Israel offer the Yazidis and Middle East Christians a safe, prosperous, tolerant new home?

There was a Yazidi woman on the news yesterday talking about how her people were menaced by “Arabs” on all sides. Until that point I’d rather assumed the Yazidis were Arabs, despite the fact that many of them look anything but. This reminded me of a suggestion I read the other day that Israel should offer itself as a new homeland for Yadidis currently being persecuted by barbarous Islamists in iraq  - a foretaste of what the barbarous Islamists currently penned up in Gaza would do to their Jewish neighbours, given half a chance. (One writer this week defined “Yazidi” as Kurdish for “unarmed Israeli”.) Why not include all persecuted Christians in the offer?

Let’s leave aside the question of whether the “international community” (i.e. America) should allow Sunni savages to displace an ancient people from its homeland. I’m guessing "yes" would be President Obama’s answer, as he seemed perfectly relaxed about the same fate befalling tens of thousands of Christians since the hilariously mis-named “Arab Spring”. If America isn’t determined to stop the wholesale displacement of the Yazidi people, then allowing those who can be rescued to settle in Israel might not be a bad idea (as long as the Yazidis don’t suffer from the demonic anti-Semitism of their Muslim persecutors – and, of course, the Lib Dems).

After all, the Jewish state boasts the only economy in the region whose wealth hasn’t come about as a result of bedouins pitching their tents only to discover oil spurting up their khybers. It’s also the only the only country which allows freedom of religious worship and free speech and democratic elections and all that groovy Western stuff that so enrages Islamist calibans. (It also seems to annoy the UK Business Secretary Vince Cable, who has decided that Britain will only supply Israel with weapons if it agrees not to protect itself against attack – I’m still struggling with the logic of that one.)

One problem with the Israelis possibly offering to accommodate the region’s Yadizis and Christians (apart from the fact that, thanks to the adherents of the religion of peace, there might be rather a lot of them seeking shelter) is that the likes of the BBC’s Orla Guerin (a former Irish Labour Party MEP candidate and now the corporation’s official Hamas spokeswoman – for proof, just watch any of her recent reports), the Guardian’s Seamus Milne (watch his deranged ranting at a rally in London last Saturday here), “Baroness” Khasi, Diane Abbott and just about every Liberal Democrat politician would probably accuse the Jews of interfering in the God-given right of young Arab Muslim extremists to murder anyone who doesn’t believe in the spiritual benefits of kidnap, rape, murder and the beheading of children.


  1. Tempting to say, glibly, that Vince should be parachuted into the Sinjar Mountains.

    But actually a greater force for resolution is at work – this is a job for International Rescue, prop. D. Miliband.

    What are International Rescue doing about the Yazidi crisis?

    Answer, recording it on Storify.

  2. Good Lord! I never realised David Miliband was a 22" high wooden puppet. I presume his brother is as well? It's all started to make sense!