Friday, 4 May 2012

Rod Liddle was right back in 2010 – new government, same old bollocks

Islamist asylum seekers who want to put anthrax in our morning coffee, or who have already committed violent crimes, will not be deported because of the hypothetically lethal threat posed to them by the slightly more moderate Islamic hellholes from which they originated. In general, the people least deserving of political asylum, the ones who really, really hate us, will be the ones we allow to stay.

Remind you of any current story? Thought it might.

At the time of the last general election, Rod Liddle wrote an article in the Spectator entitled “After all the fuss, will anything actually change?” in which he predicted that none of the things that drive us mad would be sorted out in any way whatsoever. I’d already realised by then (I’m sure most of us had) that government in this country had gone down the European route of divorcing itself from the electorate – but Liddle’s article made me realise just how spectacularly we’d been taken to the cleaners by the other side’s lawyers: they got the house, the cars, our bank balances, the credit cards, our entire wardrobe, all the furniture, the whole CD collection and over 50% of our income. 

Here are a few of the other predictions:
Despite the coldest year in the world since the Hellespont froze over, the government will concur with climate change lobbyists that we are facing an apocalypse. It will do so through cowardice and ignorance. 
People who have lived for their entire lives in a locality will be beaten to the front of the queue for social housing by immigrants who arrived last week, illegally. 
The British courts will continue to discriminate against both indigenous and immigrant people who believe in the Christian God. Nobody will complain very much about this.
And all this, remember, from a leftist!

The article's well worth reading again two years (minus four days) after it was first published. Sobering – and very depressing – reading. You can find it here.

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