Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Fulminators revisit "My Baby Left Me"

I posted my original cover of this yesterday - but I hated it so much, I've redone it. I've speeded it up a bit, redone the vocals to lend some urgency to the whole thing, made the snare drum louder and brassier, replaced the original bass part, which was slavishly faithful to the Elvis version, but which just sounded anaemic when I tried to reproduce it, and bigged up the rockabilly-style slapback bass click.

The result is, admittedly, a bit crude and frantic - but certainly livelier!


  1. This one is better than your previous one.The guitar-playing is more confident and is very good.

  2. The slap back drives the song forward and the whole thing sounds more lively. Excellent guitar.