Monday, 2 January 2012

"Rockin' On The Edge of Town" - The Fulminators kick off 2012 with a self-penned rocker



  1. I really enjoyed it. You've got the reverb-drenched rockabilly sound down to a T. I liked the guitar solo too. I'd leave the drums out at key points during the verse for added drama and variety. Try it for the remix!

    Maybe a future post could give Fulminator fans instructions on how to do the Telegraph Pole. It sounds sufficiently static for the age profile of your blog readership!

  2. Thank you, Ex-KCS. I'd meant to vary the drums, but ran out of steam. I'll get round to it, I promise. Thanks for good advice.

    The Telephone Pole consist of standing in one spot, swaying slightly in high winds, while emitting a worrying, high-pitched whining noise. It never really caufght on, because people didn't like birds perching on them, but, as you say, it might appeal to older readers.

  3. Cecil Ingram Bastardo6 January 2012 at 14:07

    Well, Scotty, I don't rightly know what kinda birds you have in England on your telegraph poles but they must be rockin'. That toon had me and Raylene dancin' right out to the 53 Corvette, hood down, shades on.

    Have y'all got any more of them toons stackin' up? Maybe we should cut one together, one time?

  4. Thank you, Cecil. I'm delighted to have shaken Raylene's "booty", as I believe you colonials term it.

    Nothing would give The Fulminators greater pleasure than to form a supergroup with the Flying Bastardo Brothers - I am a great admire of your chops, and your guitar playing is also impressive. We will, of course, have to consult our management (Greedy Knownothing Bullshitters Management Enterprises Inc) and will get back to you as soon as possible. I'm thinking Cosmic Country, judging by your excellent version of "Close Up the Honky Tonks" (