Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The story of Sgt Joel Tavera (after the advert) - God Bless America!


  1. Last night I listened to a programme on BBC Radio 4 called "Buying Defence" which was about the disastrous way that the MoD handle procurement. At the end of it John Hutton, former Labour Defence Secretary 2008/9, said that our fundamental human rights are not defended by politicians, by the courts or by the press..."but by the guys in uniform".

    [Hutton also told BBC journalist Nick Robinson in September 2006 that Gordon Brown would be "a fucking disaster" as prime minister so he obviously knows what he is talking about].

    Then I watched your clip about Sgt. Tavera. I was astounded by his bravery. It is comforting to know that we have also got our Joel Taveras.

  2. A really inspirational story which sadly could probably only happen in America. If Cameron's Big Society project means anything, it is probably about engendering the sort of community spirit that lies behind Homes for Heroes, which is a wonderful idea. But where's the incentive here in the UK when any one born after WWII is conditioned to expect the state to look after whatever goes wrong in his or her life? The result is that our own injured soldiers receive nothing like the community support that Sgt Tavera has.

  3. I was interested by John Hutton's Gordon Brown comment, SDG - and will return to it elsewhere. Also what he said about the guys in uniform protecting our human rights - very heartening!

    Ex-KCS, good points. I've already argued - http://scottgronmark.blogspot.com/2010_09_27_archive.html - that if Cameron wants to see his somewhat amorphous Big Society vision even partly realised, he should turn to the Anglican church, which, despite the best efforts of the bearded Marxist twat who currently leads it, still does all those genuine community things Dave wants the rest of the country to do - lending a helping hand to people who need it (and, of course, plenty who don't), looking after their own, and, as a group, practicing self-reliance - generally in a very down-to-earth, practical, British sort of way.

    I'm surprised by the fact that decades of left-wing attacks from politicians, quangocrats, journalists and academics hasn't managed to convince the large mass of Americans (there are a whole load of obvious exceptions, of course) that the best thing to do is sit on your capacious arses (American arses, not yours, old boy!) and wait for the government to sort out their problems and other people's.

    I didn't write anything under the Joel Tavera video because I didn't want to sully it with political propaganda - and I'm holding you persoanlly responsible for my now having done so!