Saturday, 31 December 2011

Let’s face it, the liberal-left have played an absolute blinder for half a century

Antonio Gramsci
Right-wingers such as myself never tire of pointing out that history has proved us right time and again. Free markets, small government, the rule of law, individualism, personal freedom (including freedom of worship), property rights, competition – societies displaying these characteristics invariably work better than those which don’t. If that weren’t the case, why are Western democracies stuffed to bursting with immigrants?

Right-wing conservatives would also emphasise – among other things - the importance of tradition, national identity, a shared culture, and a sense of history. These all strike me as vital elements of a decent, orderly society – they’re what furnish our lives with the meaning that pure material gain can’t (unless you’re very shallow and greedy, of course).

Given that the majority of human beings who don’t live in failed or failing states (and many who do) would agree, the great mystery of our times is why the educated, urban Left (who would dismiss most of the above out of hand in favour of pernicious dirigiste, internationalist notions of “social justice”, “fairness” and “equality”) have been allowed to gain total control of the West’s publicly-funded broadcasting, the arts, academia - in fact, the whole of the public sector. Perhaps the most sinister effect of the Left’s bizarrely effective colonisation strategy is that the EU – supposedly set up to prevent the possibility of a resurgence of totalitarianism of whatever stripe in Germany – has turned into a classic totalitarian organisation controlled (albeit, to some extent, unwillingly) by Germany. 

Whichever organisations we fund as taxpayers – apart, one hopes, from some elements of the military (the police headed left years ago) – are run exclusively by people who agree with Harriet Harman on just about every issues. Be afraid - be very afraid!

This Gramscian takeover of everything that the electorate pays for but doesn't get to vote on means that practically every aspect of our lives is controlled by the Islington Tendency. They pump out propaganda from TV Centre and church pulpits, they inculcate our children with left-wing beliefs at school, they fall over themselves implementing ridiculous EU directives, they insist we call Christmas "Winterval", they let criminals walk free from court, and they open our borders to foreign terrorists, rapists, thieves and murderers.

Our elected politicians strut around self-importantly, pretending they’re somehow in charge of these things – but of course they aren’t. Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan revived their countries’ economies and changed the language of politics – but our unelected left-wing rulers simply bided their time, doing everything they could to derail reforms, waiting for these here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians to depart the scene, and then got on with the task at hand – reshaping the world according to their anti-patriotic prejudices, without taking any account of the views of the people funding their activities.

One of the reasons for my New Year gloom is that I’ve just finished the second volume of conservative historian Steven F. Hayward’s monumental, utterly rivetting two-volume The Age of Reagan. I’d never realised how successfully the Democrat-controlled Congress undermined President Reagan’s myriad right-wing initiatives, how viciously the American quangocracy fought to maintain their right to control the lives of Americans who hadn’t voted for them, how cowardly many of the fellow-travellers in the Republican Party proved to be, and how shockingly biased  and dishonest liberal newspapers and broadcasters were throughout the Gipper’s time in office. 

When the greatest president of the 20th Century left the White House, all these little turds instantly wrote him off as a failure. This was the man who gave America back its confidence, turned the economy around, and, because he saw what every Ivy League “expert” failed to grasp – that the USSR was on its last legs – destroyed Soviet Communism.

Well, they’ve certainly had to change their tune about Reagan over the years (even Obama praised Reagan, thus infuriating Harriet Harman's soul-mate, Hilary Clinton) – but that hasn’t stopped America’s Liberal-Left from maintaining its iron grip on US society.

Given that hard-core left-liberals make up only 20% of the American population, and probably 25% of British society, their success in maintaining total control of every means of social engineering in what used to be the two free-est countries on earth no matter what the majority of us want is a staggering achievement.

But how they’ve managed it remains a mystery to me.

Anyone got any idea how they did it - and how we change this unequal, unfair and socially unjust state of affairs?


  1. I remember General Westmoreland in Vietnam telling the world's media that in "order to save the village we had to destroy it."
    I think he meant in order to save it from communism.
    Today it seems in order to save the middle classes,President Obama has to destroy it;or at least saddle it with inhibiting red tape and tax increases,and the absurdity of this is that if recent polls are anything to go by a majority of Americans seem to have swallowed this line pushed relentlessly by the Democrats.
    The top 5% in the nearly 60% of the personal income tax,but will the GOP get this message across to the public.Not yet it seems.

  2. "This line pushed relentlessly" by the Dems is of course that the top 1%(the super rich) are in cahoots with the GOP and currently responsible for all America's ills.

  3. Here the top one percent of earners pay over one quarter of all our taxes - selfish bastards! All governments (apart from Thatch and Reagan) end up taxing the middle classes, because the super-rich, who already pay enough, can up sticks whever they feel like it, and the working classes contribute very little - in 2009, the bottom 50% of earners contributed a whopping total of 2.25% of all Federal Personal Income Tax collected!!! So why wouldn't they go on voting for Democrats like Obama - a right-wing President might actually expect the little dears to chip in the odd buck. Mind you, I'm sure they're just as grateful to us taxpayers as low earners are here in the UK. (There's a good website on who pays tax in the US at Essentially every American taxpayer has another US Citizen strapped to their backs - and the Lib-Dems are just gagging to achieve the same ridiculous outcome here. Happy New Year!