Saturday, 19 November 2011

David Moss interviewed about border controls on BBC Radio Scotland

Friend and fellow-blogger David Moss (you can find a permanent link to his DMossEsq blog in the "Blogfeeds" list in the right-hand column of this blog) appeared on BBC Radio Scotland this morning, discussing border controls and "electronic" borders.

The Newsweek Scotland interview can be found on BBC iPlayer here, at 47'17". David is rightly described as a "biometric expert" in Derek Bateman's introduction (I think he means his interviewee is an expert on Biometrics rather than... oh well, you know what I mean). As Bateman put it in his blog: "We have horrifying stories about immigration - if you're worried about who might be illegally in our country, I suggest you turn the volume down when I speak to David Moss who studies the subject."

It's an assured, impressive performance, and full of common sense:

The crucial thing is that your UK border control staff should be experienced, mature and alert and using their judgment and discretion - and all the toys, like biometrics and face-scanners, are really so much theatre and charade.

The stuff about Interpol Secretary General, Ronald K. Noble, criticising the UK Border Agency for not accepting a (free) Interpol system which would allow them to check databases of people using lost or stolen passports and known or suspected criminals and terrorists is distinctly irritating.

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  1. Scott, thank you very much for your comments.

    Here are two links to Ron Noble articles for people to enjoy, here and here.

    Mr Noble said that Gordon Brown's promise last week to share a list of potential terrorists with other countries had yet to materialize. "British citizens might be surprised to find that this watch list announced by your prime minister last week has not been sent to Interpol," he said. "Why is it that some countries make sure passengers do not carry a bottle of spring water on to a plane, yet aren't careful to ensure convicted felons aren't entering their borders with stolen passports?"