Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Grønmark Blog has a new look. Hope you like our new direction!

Welcome to my new-look blog! Some of you  may remember a post last month asking for advice about moving this website to a new home. I looked at a number of options and plumped for Google’s Blogger system (which will, I realise, be of limited interest to most of you!).

 And this is the result.

I’ve retained all of the old features, and added a few new ones, such as “Recent Comments” on the Homepage.

Currently, you’ll only find a selection of my latest posts here. I’ll be importing old posts – plus your comments - during the next few weeks.

The only bit of functionality that’s entirely missing is the ability to add MP3 files, so I’ll have to post my music – and things like the TV and radio bloopers I included in a recent post – on YouTube and point you to it there.

Apart from that, everything seems to behave pretty much as it used to – with a few bells and whistles added.

If anyone is disappointed by the new design, I apologise. Apple’s iWeb application wasn’t much good for blogging, but  far more versatile when it came to design. There will be a few design changes over the coming days. If anything really bugs you, let me know and I’ll see if I can change it.

As for comments, you can still choose the name you wish to post under. I’ve lifted all restrictions in terms of having to identify yourself by typing in codes etc. I’ll only introduce hurdles in the unlikely event that we’re inundated with spam “comments” offering Viagra or penis enlargement treatments. (If, however, you wish to take advantage of such offers, just post a comment under your own name to that effect).

My thanks to regular commenter, DM, for his advice on all this - even the bits I failed to follow! He beat me to the punch by launching a new blogsite himself, DMossEsq, in which he'll be keeping tabs on what our unelected masters in Whitehall are up to.

I’m not a huge fan of change myself, so I hope this switchover doesn’t affect your enjoyment of, or participation in, The Grønmark Blog.



  1. I like it. The new look.

    You list 15 categories for your posts. That's 15 editors. Plus legal teams and subs. Graphics. And research. That's 20 support staff. Minimum. I have raised this question before, and it still nags at me – where do they all sit?

  2. 23, actually - I don't believe in doing things by halves. We (the board of directors of The Grønmark Blog) have rented office space in Great Portland Street for them. We are an equal opportunities employer, in that none of them will be afforded any opportunities whatsoever while in our employ.

    Glad you like the look - all over the place on colours, and my son is coming up with a new banner. But, apart from the "Search" facility which was working fine until I did what Google told me to do to ensure it worked properly, it mostly seems to work!

  3. I tried out your new blog set-up on my PC where I had had a lot of trouble in the past [very slow and other pieces of faffing about]. It is now very fast so well done. It looks good too.[Will this do...?]

  4.'s an attempted joke.[And I ain't about to explain it].

  5. Thanks for trying out the system - glad it's working okay. the only thing that isn't is the "search" function - which, given that this is a Google service, seems ludicrous.

    I got the joke - I seem to remember it was the title of Auberon Waugh's autobiography.

  6. You are forgiven. I have just added a comment to your HUAC post, but the number has not registered. This is not a criticism. Just trying to be helpful. Phew!

    1. Hi Stuart, do you remember me from Ted Bates days?