Saturday, 12 November 2016

Strange this Donald Trump LP didn't surface during the election - prepare to re-enter the world of weird LP covers!

Still, it'll be something for him to fall back on. And it seems US Secretary of State John Kerry has already found a new career:

Now that America (as tearful left-wingers keep telling us while they smash Democrat-controlled city centres  in a frenzy of compassionate hatred) has chosen an openly racist president, presumably this sort of thing will be all the rage once more...
...and this:
Now where's that Black Lives Matter email address? And, of course, given The Donald's prehistoric attitude to women, old school domestic violence will be rife:
Charming! (Presumably her violent, racist, misogynistic, homophobic Trump-supporting husband had ordered her not to vote for Hillary.) And there will be no more of this type of perverted filth:
...but this will probably remain largely true:
And those fascist Christians will now be allowed to get away with outrageous crimes - including kidnapping babies:
Put her back, Father! And women will no longer be permitted to dress in men's clothes and claim to be transgender, just in order to use  men's toilets -  or to pursue careers as rock bass-players (at least, I think that's what's going on here):
And no more hand-outs for drug fiends - they'll have to work to finance their habit:
- although they probably sing out of tune... and not the same song... and at different tempos... and not at the same time. Oh, well. I expect illegal immigrants will have to adopt extreme disguises in order to avoid deportation:
And there's no way this guy's getting through immigration control:
What's that you say? He's an Israeli? In that case, welcome to America, sir - enjoy your stay! Obviously, the legal system is going to be toughened up BIGLY!:
That'll teach you to riot, SJW snowflake! College stoodents even thinking of joining the savage mayhem this weekend should really pause for thought...
Actually, don't send the selfish little bastards to prison - humiliate them by making them appear on TV as members of popular music groups with silly names and terminally uncool clothes:
Not today, thank you. Meanwhile, over in Europe, lefties are drowning their post-election sorrows at wild, drug-fuelled raves:
Looks like Olaf's been overdoing the ketamine (big Hillary fan, apparently). Speaking of Hillary, the next book title probably describes her life right now:
As for the Democratic Party's strategy in 2020, there's no need for fannying around when you've got Buckner Fanning to listen to:
They urgently need to devise policies which appeal to the "little people"(Paul Mickelson has presumably dropped too much acid - again!)...
...and find an appealing "can do" candidate to re-energise their voter base...
Way to go, Tiger! Actually, Brad might prove an ideal running-mate for Michelle Obama. Alternatively, they could go all out for the young, cool, urban college crowd, and plump (geddit?) for this brother and sister team. Or is that sister and sister? Or whoever and whatever?
Whatever they do, they mustn't pick a candidate like Johan Tsvenkoff: they've already tried someone nobody liked - and it didn't work out too well for them:

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