Sunday, 4 December 2016

Yes, I know I'm too wet to live - but the tale of Kate and Pippin is balm for the soul

You can find out...

The Swedish noir crime TV series "Modus" is terrifying - but for all the wrong reasons

The eight-part Scandi-noir gloomfest Modus, which is mid-way through its Saturday-night run on BBC4, is the most successful Swedish-made series to be shown on Swedish TV for 25 years. I have no idea why - I bailed out after three episodes. It's awful. Not because the directing or the acting are bad (which they are), or because it's too slow (which it is), or because the script is dull and confusing (and how), but because - as I remarked to my wife during the second episode last week - "Aren't there any normal people left in Sweden?" (My language may have been slightly more colourful than that.)

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Daniel Hannan: "This is the first generation that has been brought up not to tolerate opinions that they dislike."

The Grønmark Blog list of Great Records from 1961

Half of the tracks featured in my previous post were released in 1961. Not one of them would have got anywhere near the pop charts that year, but, just to convey some sense of what a rich year it was for popular music in America - when the US was supposedly waiting for the Brits to come and save its musical butt - here are just some of the Top 100 US chart hits from 1961 (to be clear, these are all, with a handful of exceptions, songs I've given four or five stars to on my iTunes list - so no rubbish ) :

I've found some more obscure rock 'n' roll, R&B and soul classics on YouTube

I'd just returned from the St. Peter's Acton Green Christmas Fair (my wife's papier-mâché birds had all flown off the shelves), made a cup of tea, and settled down for some TV sport and iPadding (I'm strictly dual-screen these days). There was an image of an old single on Pinterest I'd never heard of, so I called up the number on YouTube. Here is Little Ike with the raucous, Little Richard-tastic "She Can Rock" (1959):

Now, where has that been...