Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sorry - I think it was the curried eggs.

In the unlikely event that you're a fan of this sort of painfully unfunny, childish "humour", you might enjoy...

...this selection of smutty adolescent humour from The Grønmark Blog's "Smutty Adolescent Humour" range:

"Drummer Dick's Discharge": yet more weird and downright filthy book titles

“Cooking with Pooh” and other intriguing book titles

A puerile, smutty collection of spectacularly misconceived book covers and titles

Yet more awesomely strange LP covers - because everyone needs a hobby

Another trip to the parallel universe that is Bad Record Covers!

Bad Record Covers Pt 4 - courtesy of the world's greatest Twitter feed

I know - I really should get out more.


  1. I personally don't find this kind of humour funny, but I am reminded of the films "Raising the Wind" [Leslie Phillips, 1961], "Whistle Down the Wind" [Alan Bates, 1961] and "A Mighty Wind" [Christopher
    Guest, 2003]. Very good films in their own way.

    1. I discoverJean Reno released a film earlier this year entitled "Brothers of the Wind" - but it seems to have slipped out quietly, with little fanfare.

      It strikes me you might enjoy John Lewis's "Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement", which is available on Amazon UK. Sounds like a real blast.

  2. The director of the Lillian Gish film Victor Seastrom is, in fact, Victor Sjöström. Apart from being the "Father" of Swedish cinema and a major influence on the sainted IB he had the major role in "Wild Strawberries" [1957] alongside the statuesque Ingrid Thulin when he was 77-years old. Just in case the connection escaped you.

    1. Well, obviously I was aware of the connection - who wouldn't be? I'm just surprised you felt it necessary to mention it.