Monday, 14 November 2016

A whole alphabet's-worth of actions that would turn the possibility of a black prime minister into a racing certainty

There was a programme on BBC2 last night called Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister? The answer to this question is screamingly obvious: probably - and they'll undoubtedly be leading a conservative/right-wing party. As the programme was fronted by the highly successful black actor, David Harewood, and the person who calculated the chances of a black becoming PM was Dr Faiza Shaheen, Director of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies, the point of the programme was presumably to make white Britons feel really, really, really guilty about being such terrible RACISTS! I skipped through the programme on iPlayer just now, and it seemed to consist mainly of standard centre-left boilerplate: lots of nice, caring people being nice and caring, one or two...

...good ideas and useful initiatives - but, underlying it all, the suggestion of vaguely sinister, unidentified forces which, for some unfathomable reason, have a vested interest in perpetuating black failure. Spooky! And there was, of course, talk of institutional racism and inherent bias and... well, the usual bullshit.

Well, apart from a few fruit-loop white supremacists, the only people I can think of who have a vested interest in continuing black failure are all on the Left. I mean the race-hustlers and Labour MPs and Momentum types and leftie academics and all the cultural Marxists who seem to have infiltrated the criminal justice system, and the random-cliché generators who regularly silt up the Guardian's comment section - that lot. As for the vast majority of the rest of us - i.e. normal people - I'm pretty sure we'd be really relaxed with any number of black judges and top politicians and newspaper editors and film stars and television presenters and brain surgeons and pilots and Oxbridge academics and even a prime minister or two - just as long as they'd got those jobs because they deserved to, and not because of the colour of their skin. Especially if it meant the country could stop being forced to obsess about the subject. It's becoming very, very boring.

Don't get me wrong - I generally like black people, I've almost invariably enjoyed working with them, I had a black girlfriend for many years, I'm a lifelong lover of black music, many of my favourite actors and sportsmen and TV presenters and conservative commentators are black. If I'm an anti-black racist, then I'm a rather strange one. It's just that the subject of race and what we're all meant to do about it seems to have been the most important issue facing this country (and America) for the whole of my adult life - especially since Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher won the Cold War, and the threat of world communism receded. It feels as if it's never been far from the forefront of the national consciousness since April 20th 1968, when Enoch Powell made his "Rivers of Blood" speech.

In order to help get it sorted once and for all, I offer - free of charge - a list of 26 actions which I believe would go a long way to solving the supposed problem of black underachievement once and for all, and which - despite the terrifying example of Barack Obama still fresh in our collective memory - would considerably enhance the possibility of a black British prime minister emerging in the not-too-distant future. There'd be a better chance of Britain having a black prime minister if:

 (a) leftists stopped exploiting poor blacks simply to burnish their own SJW credentials

 (b) broadcasters and politicians started calling out professional race hucksters for the conscienceless parasites they undoubtedly are

(c) state schools stopped allowing black pupils to disrupt lessons with impunity (a perfect example of the "soft racism of low expectations")

(d) politicians stopped trying to pistol-whip businesses and universities into giving blacks opportunities denied to better-qualified whites (and Asians and Orientals)

(e) the police started to actually police black-majority council estates properly in order to protect all the law-abiding blacks (and whites and Asians) who just want to get on with their lives

(f) stop-and-search was to be reintroduced and stepped up, because young black men are responsible for (and are the victims of) a grotesquely disproportionate share of street crime

(g) the welfare system stopped automatically treating single mothers as victims - many aren't

(h) black "baby-fathers" (i.e. feckless sperm-donors) were treated as criminals, because growing up in a house with a father is one sure way of increasing a child's chances of success in life

(i) the use of slavery and "historical disenfranchisement" as excuses for failure were banned - unless, of course, it's in the context of the actual slavery practiced by some Africans and Arabs in this country today

(j) if the use of the word "racism" was confined to actual examples of racism - including black-on-white and black-on-Asian violence, instances of which are far more common than whites or Asians attacking blacks

(k) black yoof cultcha - with it's racism, homophobia, misogyny, hatred of authority, celebration of criminal violence, and contempt for those who succeed by working hard and obeying the law - was vigorously condemned rather than lauded by white liberals pathetically trying to appear cool

(l) the current hate crime laws were to be rescinded, so they couldn't go on being used to shut down discussion of any of the points on this list

(m) the current hate crime laws were to be replaced by the crime of racial victimhood-mongering, i.e. encouraging people to define themselves as victims, and to believe that their victimhood absolves them of any responsibility for how their lives turn out

(n) successful black Britons - and, despite the impression our media gives, there are tons of them - can be dissuaded from automatically supporting the black victimhood cause (which they presumably do in the mistaken belief that they're "putting something back", when they're actually breaking the ladder they just climbed up)

(o) immigration was to be properly controlled - because low-income blacks suffer disproportionately from a steady supply of fresh, cheap immigrant labour

(p) white Britons were to be given the occasional pat on the back for being the most tolerant people on earth, rather than being constantly berated for being horrible racists

(q) we stopped celebrating nonsense like Black History Month, because it's a load of patronising bollocks, and it reinforces the false impression of a separate black historical identity - if you're a British passport-holder and you live here, your history is British history: all of it, including all the groovy white stuff - you know, Nelson and Shakespeare and t'ing

(r) Black Studies was dropped as a university subject, because it isn't a subject, and it just encourages militancy and unjustified resentment and a sense of separateness

(s) we banned identity politics altogether, because the only people it benefits are loud-mouthed hucksters who build a career out of encouraging a sense of grievance (and, yes, Diane Abbott - we're talking about you)

(t) we gave Lenny Henry a high-paid job as a roving ambassador for... well, who cares, as long as he's out of the country?

(u) while we still have hate crime laws, we actually start prosecuting people for anti-Semitic and anti-White rhetoric, rather than selectively applying the law to cases of anti-Black and anti-Muslim remarks and acts

(v) no professional actor - of any colour or gender or religion - was ever again allowed to present any programme advocating a social or political cause on television or radio, because we're all getting a bit cheesed off with them (obviously, they can go on making programmes about subjects relevant to their profession)

(w) we stop pretending that all blacks are part of one homogenous group - they're not: there's genuine tension between Afro-Caribbean blacks and African blacks (I've heard some of the latter talking about the former, and, well, it sounded just a teensy bit racist to me)

(x) any leftist claiming that everyone who doesn't support their stupid, patronising, destructive policies (which are supposedly designed to help blacks, but which invariably achieve the opposite result) is motivated by hatred and racism were to be immediately asked to apologise for uttering a vile slander

(y) centre-right politicians and political commentators were to stop coming over all mealy-mouthed and wet and semi-supportive whenever the subject of race comes up - this subject is crippling sensible debate, that's what leftists want, and you're bloody well helping them, you spineless fools!

(z) our left-liberal elites would just stop all the pro-Black, anti-White propaganda, and all the positive discrimination and unending moral blackmail - it's deeply insulting and counter-productive.

If our rulers were to implement those policies - and then just leave us alone to befriend who we wish to befriend, to hire who we wish to hire, to admire whoever we wish to admire - and stopped frenziedly trying to tip the scales in favour of blacks (or any other of their other pet victim groups), and just made sure we were all equal before the law... well, I reckon they'd be astonished at how quickly we'd all sort ourselves out and how rapidly the issue of black underachievement would simply disappear. As Ronald Reagan said, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

In short, remove all black race hucksters and all their white leftie chums from the equation, trust blacks to help themselves once released from the dead hand of official compassion - and trust the indigenous white population to play fair, because, hard as you may find this to believe, that's what the British tend to do when left to their own devices. You'd have a black prime minister quicker than you could say Chuka Umunna - oh, hang on, I think I've spotted a major problem with this plan...

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