Tuesday, 15 November 2016

This interview with UKIP's Raheem Kassam suggests Sky News's Dermot Murnaghan has been unhinged by the Trump victory

Let's hope Sky News keeps a straitjacket handy for this sort of emergency.


  1. Ye gods what an appalling interview. The bloke's been in the US for weeks, his poppy must be falling to bits. I've bought three over the past week or so; they're not meant to last.The one I was wearing on Sunday, was looking very ragged after a couple of hours.
    "Do you want to apologise?"...Eh?
    Dermot, do you want to take your medication?

    1. I went out today, only to discover it was much warmer than I'd expected, so I changed my coat - and later realised IT DIDN'T HAVE A POPPY ON IT. Now I don't know whether to try to hush up the whole dreadful incident, or email a grovelling apology to Dermot Murnaghan and hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me.

      Evidently, UKIP's access to the President-Elect has proved the final straw for leftist media folk. 2016 has been a truly terrible year for them. SAD.