Thursday, 10 November 2016

When social justice warrior snowflakes blub... no wonder America elected Trump!

They left their homelands, suffered terrible privation, conquered a wilderness, defeated their colonial rulers in battle, fought a terrible civil war, became the richest, most dynamic country in the world...

...fought in two world wars to defeat fascism, defeated Soviet communism, while cleaving to the principle of personal, economic and religious freedom - and all to produce a generation of mewling, whining, foot-stamping, selfish little crybabies like these? For God's sake - people died to preserve the principle of fair and free democratic elections, and the polling booth isn't a fucking safe space. Your candidate had the support of 95% of old and new media, 99% of academia, 99.99% of the entertainment industry, the big banks, a whole shedload of billionaires, your current president, just about every damned advocacy group in the country, the vast majority of non-white voters, and most of the rest of the civilised world - and she was running against a widely-despised, gaffe-prone candidate with a monumentally silly hair-do, who'd never before stood for public office, and whom much of his own party couldn't stand. And your candidate still managed to lose. 

Rather than indulging in diaper-filling tantrums, let me give you a word of advice. If you want to persuade people who don't agree with you to change their minds, see the world the way you do, and vote for your preferred candidate, it's probably safe to say that constantly screaming YOU STUPID, CRUEL, SELFISH, HATE-FILLED, OLD, UGLY, UNEDUCATED, RED-NECK, RACIST, MYSOGINIST, HOMOPHOBE ASSHOLE! in their faces at the top of your voice might not be the best way of attaining your goal. Unless, of course, you really have no interest in changing the world, and you just want the opportunity to experience, over and over again, that sublime sense of moral superiority you get from screaming YOU STUPID, CRUEL, SELFISH, HATE-FILLED, OLD, UGLY, UNEDUCATED, RED-NECK, RACIST, MYSOGINIST, HOMOPHOBE ASSHOLE! at people who are just as keen as you on promoting fairness, justice and equality, but don't happen to agree with your definition of those terms.  

Actually, please feel free to spend the next 48 months insulting the people who didn't support your candidate this time round, because that will ensure another Republican victory - and, with any luck, the candidate next time round might be a genuine, small-state conservative.  Then again, you might have grown up and got a proper private sector job by then, in which case you'll most likely be voting Republican. 
One final thought, and then I promise to shut about the US election (Paul Joseph Watson is paraphrasing the thoughts expressed by Stefan Molyneux, by the way):

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  1. In the late '70s when the New York police lost control of anti-social behaviour [mugging] on the subway there sprang up a group called "The Guardian Angels" who patrolled the system for them and made citizen arrests.

    President-Elect Trump should set up a similar organisation whose remit will be to slap the faces of anybody who display emotional incontinence in public places and cause distress and embarrassment to respectable, tax-paying citizens. The purpose of the slapping would not be to inflicts pain but to stop attacks of hysteria which can lead to seizures.

    When Hogan Hogan has finished his current round of public apologies to Field Marshals and the like perhaps he should also consider making such a move against groups who lack emotional restraint [Anti-Brexiteers, Leftie gits storming out of TV studios, actors and pop singers raving on about migrants and the rest of it]?