Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Now Russia's to blame for the Brexit vote: denial is a river, and liberal-lefitists are drowning in it

Okay, let's make this simple for the Labour MP and former BBC producer Ben Bradshaw and all his like-minded chums:

The Russians didn't affect the Brexit vote - Remain campaigners and the EU managed it all on their own.

The Russians did not scupper Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House - Hillary Clinton, her deeply unlovely party, and all her insufferably arrogant mainstream media supporters did that.

White racism isn't causing a wave of populist resentment to sweep across Europe - the EU's unelected leaders and the elected leaders of European countries (take a bow, Angela Merkel) are causing that, with a lot of help from some of the immigrants they've allowed in.

You see, it really isn't us, Ben - it's you and all your pals. You've been denying reality for decades - and reality has finally decided to deny you.

Suck it up, Buttercup!


  1. Nonsense Scott. Do you not realise that Putin and the Russian "hackers" are actually responsible for all the ills of the modern world? You must have been listening to fake news...

    Seriously this Russian influence thing has gone bonkers hasn't it.


    1. We've just discovered a patch of damp on our sitting-room wall. I suspect Putin's behind it.

  2. Putin has already put the fix in the Super Bowl and Oscars.The same in the UK with the F.A.and BAFTA.
    Wait a minute its not the evil genius but Britain's very own liberal elite who intend to punish Brexiteers with even more diversity.