Monday, 12 December 2016

And the Germans are seriously thinking of voting for Mutti Multikulti next year??? (Click this headline to access video)

As for the Berlin Police, do you have... be some kind of pantywaist SJW snowflake to get hired these days? It makes one wander what exactly made them want to become policemen in the first place. To mislead the public and protect cultureless foreign savages? Why don't they react the same way any vaguely normal person would when exposed to such horrific video footage? Why would any policeman not be straining at the leash to catch these vile bastards? From the fact that the video was leaked, presumably there are still some normal rozzers on the force. As for the robotic blister droning on about "regulations", God almighty, what an absolute c... (The editor of The Grønmark Blog has been heavily sedated and is lying down in a darkened room until he is himself again. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.)

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