Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The US election result - as Oscar Wilde said, "One would need a heart of stone...." etc

Meanwhile, the American people face the horrifying prospect of the following celebrities leaving the country (at least, they said they would if Trump won):

Perhaps they could all bunk down at Lily Allen's place till they get themselves sorted? well as in how to cover up her husband's sexual assaults, how to squeeze as much loot as possible out of a supposed "charity" - and how to get away with lying repeatedly to the FBI. Still, here's some advice to Hillary supporters who can't afford to emigrate:
Actually, I'd prefer to watch Fox News and laugh my head off, if it's all the same to you. Lily Allen isn't the only British snowflake to have got themselves into a right old tizz:
...which prompted this response:
...and this one:
Anne Coulter was typically magnanimous in victory:
As for Hillary's decrepit husband, he could be annoyed by the result...
Of course, many of Hillary's leftist supporters have reacted in the mature, responsible fashion we've come to expect of them:
I'll end with the best advice I've seen anyone give Trump all day: