Monday, 18 March 2013

"Just Leave Us Alone!" - the best angry-old-man right-wing blog of them all

I've been missing in action from this blog for a few days because I've been setting up yet another blog. I've transferred all of the political posts from The Grønmark Blog (i.e. this one, for those of who are terminally bewildered) across to Just Leave Us Alone! 

Why I did this, I'm not sure. Maybe I'm going mad. Or maybe it's just to get away from the zillions of spam email comments that this blog receives, most of which Google catch in time before they appear on the blog (I must have crossed some magical numerical threshold in terms of page-views). Or perhaps it's to help me organise my chaotic thoughts.

I recently created a music blog, Cool Cat Wild!, because I haven't found many readable blogs of that sort. But there are plenty of angry-right-wing-old-man-sounding-off blogs, and I'm not sure the market needs another one. Whatever, I enjoyed setting up Just Leave Us Alone! - which is very much a work in progress when it comes to design and post selection and purpose: it's a sort of playpen. I'll still post everything here on this blog, of course, but will transfer relevant musings to the new site. 

I was startled to discover that I've posted over a thousand items since I started The Grønmark Blog over three years ago, and borderline alarmed to find that half of those are essentially political in content - all the way from straight party politics to political theory to social issues to politically-loaded books and films and TV and whatnot. This tells me I probably need to get out more.

Sorting out my political posts, the main themes are pretty obvious: the state is ludicrously, crushingly, ruinously big; I'm sick of liberal-leftists spending my cash on pet projects just so they can feel good about themselves; I'm tired of being nannyishly lectured by the liberal elite as to what I should do, think and feel. What this seems to boil down to is that the state should be doing our bidding - not the other way around. But, as that's a hard thought to capture in a blog title, I thought I'd use the phrase that seems to best to sum up my current sense frustration: 

Just leave us alone!


  1. Good then and this reminds me I need to follow the music blog too.

    Speaking of blog issues, mine has stopped updating in the reader. So new posts aren't coming up. I have no clue why.

    1. Sorry, e.f., but Delta Mobile is the last post showing up on Blogfeeds, and I can't see anything immediately useful on the web about the problem. Could be something to do with using an app to post Delta mobile? (Useless observation, I realise.)

      For new readers, the blogfeed functionality for the Flimsy Cups blog has stopped working. New posts can be uploaded and appear on the site, but, for instance, the entry in my Blogfeeds section on the right isn't updating to show the new posts. Can anyone help?

      And I'm now getting those incredibly annoying spam email comments showing up in the Recent Comments section on the left, even though they don't appear under the posts they're aimed at and aren't listed as spam - so I can't delete the little sods.

      Come on, Google - smarten up!