Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Drummer Dick's Discharge": yet more weird and downright filthy book titles

Look inside? Er... no thanks! 

Almost as good as "Roger the Caribou"
Those alcopops are very morish
Thank you, I'm here all week
Well, there's no need to be insulting!

In 1989? I know - let's not!
Feel free to supply your own caption

"...when he had eaten his cake, and had taken some tea which he had warmed over again, old Treffy felt rather better, and he turned as usual to his old organ to cheer his fainting spirits. For Treffy knew nothing of a better Comforter..."

(Unless, of course, it's the excellent Bizarre Books: a Compendium of Classic Oddities by Russell Ash and Brian Lake, where I found this quotation and most of the titles featured here.)

Is there any other kind?
I'll leave you with a poster:

This is my second post to feature somewhat ambiguous book titles: the first one is available here.


  1. Thank's to Penicillin indeed.

    I stopped Dick's Sporting Good's yesterday. They've got a big picture of the original Dick's on the wall at the entrance. I assume the big sign on the old store window reading Army & Navy Dick's meant that he was selling surplus military equipment.

    Of course, none of us would be surprised to find sailors offering up such wares to any and all bidders but, soldiers...no way man.

    1. I thought Obama had made it compulsory for all US soldiers to be gay? Or did I get that wrong.

      I once got propositioned by a tiny sailor in uniform walking across Waterloo Bridge late one night. Couldn't stop laughing.