Friday, 6 February 2015

Cultural Marxism is undoubtedly the greatest danger facing civilisation - Obama is its main proponent

A few days ago, Breitbart London published the best conservative/right-wing rant of the year so far, in the form of Gerald Warner’s article, “For the first time in history, conservatives are at the forefront of the cultural revolution”, which can be found here, and which, if you have not already done so, I urge you to read. Now, I’m not quite as apocalyptic as Mr. Warner, but, if writing this blog for nigh on five years has convinced me of anything, it’s that, unless defeated, Cultural Marxists will literally cause the death of Western civilisation. For them, this won’t count as an unintended consequence – it’s their basic aim.

Yes, I know that sounds like the ravings of some old geezer who spends too much time alone with his computer in his eyrie under the eaves. After all, isn’t the prospect of Iran’s fascist theocrats armed with nuclear weapons rather more worrying? Or of thousands of battle-hardened Islamist terrorists returning to their homes in the West intent on slaughter? Or that Russia’s gangster government is once more diverting attention from its own economic incompetence by trying to take over the rackets on the Lower East Side (or Ukraine, as it’s better known)? These things are of more immediate concern, yes – but the main reason we’re having to worry about all these wicked fuckers in the first place is because of Cultural Marxism, which rests on the belief that all forms of society are equally valid, and that there’s no justification for the West (in the words of the world’s leading Cultural Marxist, Barack Obama) to ”get on our high horse”.

Barry employed this phrase during an appearance at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington yesterday, while performing his usual trick of excusing the Islamic barbarism taking place across the world by citing the behaviour of Christians during the Crusades, which ended 824 years ago with the fall of Acre, and which were, in any case, a response to Islamist military aggression. He threw in the Jim Crow laws as another example of Christian wickedness (by the way, did you know Obama was black?) apparently unaware that, just as it was Christians who instituted those laws, it was Christians who got rid of them. (He probably imagines it was Muslims – after all, this is the man who asserted that “Islam has always been a part of America” and that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”, which may come as a surprise to Jews.)

Because the BBC is the most powerful propaganda organisation in the West when it comes to promoting cultural relativism (or multiculturalism, to give it its more usual name), it omitted to mention the wave of condemnation following Obama’s bizarre bit of spurious equivalence-mongering in its two online reports on the speech. Instead, they devoted one of the articles to the Prez’s attack on religious intolerance in (wait for it) India! Yes, Christian children are being crucified, rapded or sold into sexual slavery by Muslims in iraq, but Obama wants us to concentrate on what’s happening in India. 

The West is in desperate need of leaders willing to get on their “high horse” and defend Western civilisation against barbarian thugs, tyrants and gangsters. Our values and our societies are simply, unarguably, superior – morally, economically, aesthetically, spiritually, whatever - to what our vile, primitive, blood-soaked, knuckle-dragging enemies have to offer. Civilsation, according to John Maynard Keynes, is a thin and precarious crust which Cultural Marxists – the true enemy within -  constantly hack away at. The next time some Guardian-reading twerp tells you they’re seeking to destroy our hard-won way of life for the sake of “equality” or “fairness” or “justice”, just slap their silly face for them.


  1. Warner is the shining star of Breitbart London and I'm glad to see its readers acknowledging this.

    That was a curious article, though - it read more like the introduction to a far longer piece, or perhaps a series. I do hope so as the war of subversion instigated by the Soviet Communism certainly did not end with the fall of the Berlin wall. Like Frankenstein's monster, the creature keeps staking the earth, long after the death of its constituent parts.

    This is due to a unique feature of cultural Marxism. Hardly any among even its most vehement adherents and activists realise they are part of it. Many have never even heard of it. They simply follow the herd beliefs of the middle class 'elite'.

    If you try to educate them as to the origins of those beliefs, as Warner has just tried to do, they will look at you with either scorn or blank denial.

    Most adherents of a faith are at least aware what they are doing when they proselytise - but not cultural Marxists. This is how a fool like Cameron can be a Conservative Prime Minister and wander around preaching cultural Marxism while still genuinely believing himself to be a Conservative. He doesn't even realise the source, or intent of his ideas, which is to subvert and ultimately destroy Western society.

    He, and other 'progressives', are like carriers of a plague they cannot name and do not even realise they suffer from.

    Sadly, the prognosis is certain and the treatment uncertain.

    1. You are spot on, of course. The fellow-travellers - of whom Cameron is a leading example - are actually the most dangerous of the lot, because, as you say, they (despite many of them being amongst the brightest in the land) simply have no conception of the evil they're spreading. They honestly feel guilty for holding old fashioned conservative opinions and seem convinced that the cultural Marxists are somehow "nicer" than they are, and that their opinions are somehow more compassionate - you know, kinder and cuddlier. The moment of revelation for me was when Cameron tore his old university off a strip for not admitting enough Afro-Caribbean students,when all he had to do was read Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind" (1987) in which the detrimental effects of affirmative action in higher education are fully exposed.

      One problem I have is convincing BBC-haters that my old colleagues aren't actually aware that they are cultural Marxists - they just think they're being nice: in the end, as Theodore Dalrymple often writes, it's the rank sentimentality of the educated middle classes that will be our downfall.

  2. Ah, the good doctor - another prophet without honour in his own country! And yes, I agree completely about the BBC types. I had a brief encounter with a Labour candidate only yesterday which exmplified this 'niceness'. There's nothing wrong with the chap, indeed, he would possibly even be a good MP for this area (as was his last Labour predecessor) but the best you can say for him is that he's an amiable doofus - a well meaning idiot who in the process of trying to give everyone a slice of cake will burn down the entire bloody bakery.

  3. It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt (see Professor Kevin MacDonald's masterly work, The Culture of Critique ) that Cultural Marxism as created by the Frankfurt School was a Jewish Intellectual Movement. By that I mean that it's main purpose was to advance Jewish ethnic/genetic interests and damage Gentile societies beyond repair.

    After all, in the entire new 1930s whirlwind of the Frankfurt School's cultural critique, one culture was always left uncritiqued, ie Jewish culture.

    In Gerald Warner's fine article he prudently makes no mention of the fact that the following names he includes as being instrumental in the Frankfurt School / Cultural Marxism founding and funding have something in common :

    Bela Kun (Jew) ; Georg Lukacs (Jew) ; Karl Radek (Jew) ; Felix Dzherzhinsky (Jew) ; Siegmund Freud (Jew) ; Erick Fromm (Jew) : Max Horkheimer (Jew) ; Herbert Marcuse (Jew) : Theodor Adorno (Jew) .

    Warner's list is by no means exhaustive and should be augmented with the addition of other important figures in the Frankfurt School / Cultural Marxism milieu whose Jewishness was doubtless an important driver of revolutionary fervour viz., Friedrich Pollock ; Leo Lowenthal ; Felix Weill ; Carl Grunberg ; Emile Durkheim ; Franz Boas ; Franz Neumann ; Walter Benjamin ; Otto Kirchheimer ; Jacques Derrida ; Claude Levi - Strauss.

    As Private Eye might say, "That's enough Jews, (Ed)."

    1. I will certainly ponder the interesting points you make in the coming days as I visit my Jew doctor, undergo an examination employing the latest Jew medical technology, spend time on my computer using Jew software applications, watch some entertaining Jew television programmes, laugh at some Jew comedians, read some Jew books and articles by conservative Jew commentators, visit some Jew shops, enjoy some Jew music and chat with some of my Jew friends, thereby temporarily diverting them from their primary sinister Jew task of destroying White Christian civilisation.

      As Private Eye might say, “That’s enough Colin G Finlay, (Ed).”

      Or, if that’s too subtle for you - fuck off.

    2. "Och Aye Dr Cameron, I think Dr Finlay's spent too long in the sun, the noo. He seems tae have come over all anti Semitic"

      " Aye Janet, I've had to ask him tae leave the practice. The warning signs were there when his eyes started rotating in opposite directions whenever Mr Cohen the newsagent delivered the Lancet to the surgery".

      "Doctor, was that before or after he entertained the Tannochbrae Pass on a Poem evening with shoutings from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? And they didnae even rhyme."

      "Aye, Janet, it was aboot the same time he patented his nose-measuring device and started spending a long time in the shed

      "I am sure he'll be a lot happier the noo he's gone and disn'ae have to maintain the facade o'respectability tae disguise the fact that he's a bit of a fucking nutter, the noo."

      "Aye, that was well put, Janet".

      That was the final Episode of Dr Finlay's Racebook. There are no plans for a second series.

    3. Aye, the warning signs were there when he stormed oot of oor last carol service as we started to sing "The Holly and the Oy Vey". But Dr Finlay'll be fine the noo, so he wull. Rumour has it he's been offered a spot on the next series of Celebrity MasterRace.

  4. Cultural Marxism. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this article. "Availability Cascade", "Reputational Cascade" and "Chilling Effect" which underpin PC "and its monopolistic tyranny" are similar concepts to those in the Nazi doctrine of "Gleichshaltung" [ forcible co-ordination, forcing into line] whereby the National Socialists established totalitarian control over the individual and tight co-ordination over all aspects of society and commerce. Similar only because CM are only supported "by coercive legislation" whereas the NS had the concentration camp. [See Hans Fallada "Alone in Berlin"].
    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again: there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9. Unfortunately.
    Whenever I come across a criticism of the Jewish race - no matter how cretinous or spiteful - I trot out my Nobel Prize statistic which is a convenient yardstick to measure a people's contribution to recent civilization. At least 185 Jews and people of half- or three-quaters-Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize accounting for 22% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2011 and constituting 36% of all US recipients. Among women laureates in the four research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Physics and Physiology/Medicine the Jewish percentages [world and USA] are 38% and 50% respectively . Jewish people currently make up circa. 0.2% of the world's population and 2.0% of the USA population.

    1. Thanks, SDG – your comments came as a much-needed breath of fresh air, and raised the question of what the world would be like without Jews (a scenario dreamt of by increasing numbers of useless and unpleasant people). This reminded me that one of these days, I really must get round to reading Hugo Bettauer’s 1922 novel, “The City without Jews”, which Wikipedia tells us is ‘…a satire on the acutely topical subject of antisemitism. In the book, a fictional politician orders the expulsion of all Jews from Vienna. One writer noted that "in scenes that are frighteningly prophetic, Austria borrows thirty stock car trains from neighbouring countries to help in the expulsion (to the east) of the Jews and their belongings." In the book, the citizens of Vienna initially celebrated the expulsion, but sentiment changed as theaters went bankrupt and department stores, hotels and resorts suffered. The economy declined to such an extent that a popular movement arose demanding the return of the Jews. Without the Jews to blame, the Nazi party collapsed; the expulsion law was repealed, and the Jews were welcomed back to Vienna.’ I read somewhere else that, in the book, the Viennese come to realise how boring life is without Jews. I suspect it would be.

      The book sold 250,000 in the 12 months following publication. Bettauer was shot dead in 1925 by a former member of the Nazi Party, who subsequently spentan onerous eighteen months in a psychiatric clinic before being released.

    2. Speaking from my position on the Roman Catholic-Jewish wing of the Jewish Conspiracy, all I can say is that despite what SDG so kindly says we're just not very good at conspiracies:

      (a) everyone else seems to know more about the conspiracy than we do, and

      (b) the conspiracy hasn't worked for several thousand years judging by the recurrent swells of anti-semitism, and

      (c) thanks to some total klutz of an estate agent we've succeeded in living precariously on the only tract of the Middle East with no oil, and

      (d) we only achieved that thanks disproportionately to the Gentile woman with a man's name who wrote Daniel Deronda, and

      (e) the Israeli ambassador to the Court of St James is outnumbered by over 20 other Middle East ambassadors, many of whose countries are diplomatically committed to the destruction of Israel, so much so that

      (f) according to the BBC and the Guardian, non-Israeli munitions are used in the noble cause of freedom-fighting while the objective of Israeli ones is mass murder pure and simple, and

      (g) the BBC and the Guardian are prepared to forgo their normal distaste for homophobia and the subjugation of women and the flouting of the due process of law to support countries trying to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East, and

      (h) Colin G Findlay is seriously able to propose that we in the main devoted family-lovers, patriotic nation-lovers and smitten literature-lovers instigated cultural Marxism -- I mean, who sold you that one, Colin?

      It's not a very successful record, is it. Compared to the successful conspiracy to promote near-universal anti-semitism. And the successful conspiracy to mount occasional righteous attempts at genocide. Could do better.

    3. As ever, Mr Moss, your post tops the lot. And I say that with all the deference due to some one who from his heritage is obviously the mastermind behind the Opus Dei wing of the Bilderberg Group, as no doubt Colin G would have pointed out in capital letters but for his definlaystration from the blog.

    4. You mean you’re a papal secret agent and a member of the Jewish world conspiracy to undermine Christian civilisation? When do you get time to sleep?

      It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that Jews have been masquerading as victims for several thousands years in order to lull Christians into a false sense of security so that their guard will be down when the Twelve Tribes of Israel make their decisive move to establish world domination (see Professor Arthur McNutcase’s masterly work, “Jew-Baiting for Dummies”).

      The world really is mad. Your comments, on the other hand, are a model of clarity and sanity.

  5. A very informative post matched by the high quality of comments.Thank you.

    1. Apologies for a very short comment above.

      Jewish conspiracy theories always smack of jealousy,one of the worst human emotions.

      The retorts from Scott Gronmark,ex-KCs,and SDG are priceless.

      Sadly the 0.2%-of the world's Jewish population mentioned by SDG.,will fall to 1.8 in 19 years.

    2. ...and a lot less than that if Obama continues to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Funnily enough, while I was helping to launch the BBC Persian TV channel six years' ago, their online site ran a poll (in Farsi) asking readers if Israel was right to retaliate against Hamas for one of its regular terrorist outrages - and the vast majority of the Iranians and Afghans who voted said yes, of course Israel was justified in protecting itself against terrorists. A tiny ray of hope - but no more than that, obviously.

  6. My comments, Mr Moss, referred only to a Jewish Leftist intellectual elite, viz. the Frankfurt School. Absolutely nowhere did I claim or even obliquely suggest that ordinary Jews were involved in this nefarious intellectual movement.

    Indeed, had I done so, that claim would have been as ridiculous as claiming that the intellectual movement known as the Scottish Enlightenment involved ordinary Scots, or as stupid as denying that, in Russia in 1917, "while most Jews were not revolutionaries, most revolutionaries were Jews." I am indebted to a Jewish source, viz., Professor Orlando Figes (Birkbeck College,London University) for that quote from his scholarly work on the Russian Revolution "A People's Tragedy."

    In the fit of knee - jerk moral panic engendered by my providing a blinding flash of the obvious with regard to the etiology of Cultural Marxism, that salient fact was ignored.

    Also, I do not believe in a Jewish Conspiracy. I do, however, believe in a Jewish group evolutionary strategy as posited by Professor Kevin MacDonald, whose main sources for research are unimpeachably Jewish :

    I thought I'd clear that up before obeying the blog - owner's Popper - like injunction to "fuck off."

  7. Colin G Finlay:

    Warner's list is by no means exhaustive and should be augmented with the addition of other important figures in the Frankfurt School / Cultural Marxism milieu whose Jewishness was doubtless an important driver of revolutionary fervour viz., Friedrich Pollock ; Leo Lowenthal ; Felix Weill ; Carl Grunberg ; Emile Durkheim ; Franz Boas ; Franz Neumann ; Walter Benjamin ; Otto Kirchheimer ; Jacques Derrida ; Claude Levi - Strauss.

    "... whose Jewishness was doubtless an important driver of revolutionary fervour ..."

  8. According to his published research, Professor Kevin B. Macdonald of Oshkosh, by Gosh, also evidently believes that neoconservatism as well as the rise of a Jewish leftist intellectual elite has its origins in Jewish political activism. It's not clear whether he also sees the traces of Jewish group evolutionary strategy in the post-war decline of Accrington Stanley FC, the lack of a credible plot in series two of Broadchurch and the decision of Zoot Money's Big Roll Band to change its name to Dantalian's Chariot in order to capitalise on the late 60's psychedelic boom. He is clearly a man who has as many talents as he has plausible theories, rather like Dr Finlay.

  9. It's an interesting article and thanks for the Breitbart link. I view Cultural Marxism as various leftists in things like government or the school board, working in conjunction with each other to achieve different aims. Some may believe in a Frankfurt School and they may be large contributers. An example would be baby boomers: They're a generation that got everything that they wanted and the Vietnam War made many of them left. Now the civil service and the school board are filled with and influenced by their ranks. They'll use their influences to intact subtle changes to make society more gay positive while others will push for immigration and diversity.

    1. Agreed, David - it isn't a defined movement, more a way of looking at the world at the heart of which lies a profound selfishness, and a whole series of internal contradictions - as you and David Moss point out, it's impossible to support equality for gays and women while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with immigrant groups who think homosexuals should be killed and that women should walk around swathed in black tents. The Left do us all a favour by regularly by devoting all their energy to fighting each other. The problem with cultural Marxism is their tendency to turn a blind eye to those in their ranks with whom - sheer logic dictates - it would be impossible for them to agree. Perhaps because they aren't part of a coherent movement, schism seems to do nothing to halt their progress - weirdly, the sheer amorphousness of cultural Marxism, it's very lack of organisation, seems to mean that the centre CAN hold.