Friday, 6 February 2015

Despite a total lack of popular demand, The Fulminators are back with techno dance classic "Spaced Out"

I recorded this about five years' ago as "Spacey". I think it's one of only three tracks I've done without any real instruments on it - i.e. electric or acoustic guitars or vocal. It consists solely of digital "instruments" created with Garageband and a keyboard. It's not really my kind of music (although I've nothing against electronic dance music, except that it reminds me of sweating in gyms) but I've always been fond of this jaunty track. No idea why. The only thing I really disliked about it were the two bridges or choruses (no, I don't know the difference), so I went back and redid them. And I bet you're jolly glad I did! 


  1. If ever there's a sequel to the film 'Trainspotting', this track should find a place in the score.

  2. I was hoping that the girls above would spring into life.A nice sound.

    1. Thanks, Southern Man - sadly, I know nothing about the girls in the photograph, but I too would love to have seen them boogie on down, ballet pumps and all.