Friday, 6 February 2015

And, of course, No to Edukashun and dont menshun ve Crimnols!

We are all, of course, against BIGATRY in all its forms, but especially the left-wing variety which insists on giving rapists and cowards a free pass because of their ethnic origins, religious beliefs or because they hold the "correct" (i.e. utterly deranged) political opinions. It was the craven determination to say no to racism that allowed rape gangs composed of Pakistani males to prey on young white girls in the first place.

The morons who created this sign should be ashamed of using the young victims of Rotherham  as a mask for their spectacularly malignant form of cultural Marxist bigotry. They won't feel in the least bit ashamed, of course, because they follow a political creed which is morally insane.


  1. I see the NUT sent a contingent.

    1. National Association of Head Teachers, actually.