Monday, 20 February 2017

They've been away for a whole year - but Bad Record Covers are back, with a vengeance!

Let's start with Songs for Swinging Necrophiliacs:
I wonder if O.J.'s legal team is still available? 

Or maybe President Obama (aka Little Jimmy Scott) might (finally) be persuaded to practice law:
Maybe he could also conduct John Koonce's defence:
Quick, kids, he's not looking - RUN! It also looks as if this next bloke's heading for a court appearance - unless he can control those strange urges:
Oh, for goodness' sake!:
I also don't have a good feeling about this one:
Let me guess - her son (who's "different") just laid a new cement floor in their basement, and the neighbours have noticed a peculiar smell...
Is this a coded message? Does this mean she's "with the angels now"?
There's been an APB out on Walt since 1971, when Lorri, Helen and Lois all went missing around the same time, and he told everyone they'd gone to stay with their sister who was ill... or something - his story kept changing:
Police are very, very keen to interview this man - but if you see him, do not approach:
How's he supposed to get over that bridge, exactly? How mean! Abusing the disabled is now, rightly, a hate crime:
And I'm pretty sure they've now made ballin' the jack an offence (whatever it might be, it seems to involve getting your kit off):
Looks like Yorgi's pulled! But I don't think this sort of inter-species tomfoolery has yet been legalised (maybe in Sweden - and San Francisco):
But I am absolutely certain that the courts now frown upon this sort of deeply offensive cultural insensitivity:
I expect that, what with those hoods and everything, Danny Boy et Ses Penitents will be performing at Marine Le Pen's inauguration ball:
Or maybe The Arold Trio are still gigging:
If not, the Front National could always give Uncle Bud a ring:
He'd have the audience in stitches (geddit?). Or, if they want to make sure that the party goes with a real bang:

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