Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Immigrant trouble in multiculti Sweden? Move along, please - nothing to see here - it's all good.

Swedish culture being enriched last night:
Apparently, 50 to 60 young men in Rinkeby, a Stockholm suburb with a 75% immigrant...

...population, decided to express their gratitude for being given a safe home in the West by hurling rocks at police, setting cars on fire, and beating up a number of people (including a photographer from the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, who spent a night in hospital after being attacked by a gang of about 15 over-exuberant youngsters showing their appreciation). The trouble started after mean police officers were culturally insensitive enough to arrest a suspected drug-dealer near the local metro station - fascists!  According to which report you read, police either fired warning shots, or fired directly at the rioters. You can read the whole story in today's Mail Online, and watch raw footage here. (Riots aren't new to Rinkeby: up to a hundred "youths" rioted over two nights there in 2010.)

Meanwhile, liberal-leftists have been hooting derisively at Donald Trump for claiming that everything in Sweden isn't hunky-dory, integration-wise. There has been a flood of articles demonstrating that crime in Sweden isn't rising, as all these nasty right-wingers have been suggesting - and, that, anyway, there's no proof that immigrants are disproportionately responsible for Sweden's high crime rate. The idea that Swedish women and children are at greater risk of being raped because of Muslim immigrants is FAKE NEWS, spread by racist right-wing outlets like Fox and Breitbart.
There's no proof (either way) because the Swedish authorities are just as reluctant to produce detailed, up-to-date crime statistics as the rest of Europe. Not only are the released figures out of date - but Sweden has stopped collecting data which identifies perpetrators by race, religion or country of origin. So anybody claiming a connection between crime and immigration now has to rely largely on anecdotal evidence - and then face mockery from the Left for not being able to quote definitive, official statistics. Which don't exist.

Welcome to Planet Libtard.

When an awkward story like last night's impromptu Rinkeby street party emerges, the best way to suppress it is by not reporting it - as the BBC appears to be doing (as of 15:23). When a potential anti-immigrant story emerges, the best thing to do is to pretend that it had nothing whatsoever to do with immigrants. For instance,  three young men in the Swedish town of Uppsala last month allegedly took turns raping an unconscious 18-year old girl (or a woman in her 30s, according to another report) for two hours, and streamed the whole fun event live on Facebook. When those viewing the live stream realised what was happening, they phoned the police, who eventually halted  the sordid, barbaric outrage and arrested the (alleged) rapists. The Swedish newspaper Nyheter Idag reported that two Afghan nationals and a Swedish citizen of Iranian origin had been remanded in custody.

From reports in the British mainstream media, the Uppsala suspects could have been three strapping blond Swedes. The BBC report turned it into a story about crimes being streamed live on the internet - the  traditional Misdirection Gambit - but, to be fair, even conservative newspapers seem to have been reluctant to mention the race of the alleged perpetrators. But some of those who saw the Facebook feed were willing to give an opinion as to the (approximate) ethnicity of the perpetrators, and the right-wing American website PJ Media published what it claimed were still images of the crime (you can read the article here - but a warning: the events it describes are deeply disgusting and depressing).

While leftists are happy to propagate fake news stories about hate crimes committed by whites against immigrants (e.g. all that nonsense about a rise in racist incidents in the UK following the Brexit vote, and the same in the US following Trump's victory), they ruthlessly shut down reports of immigrants committing crimes (especially if they involve attacks on members of the indigenous population), or misrepresent the true nature of those crimes. This suppression extends to the dissemination of basic information - and, in Sweden's case, even the collection of the relevant data - concerning crimes committed by ethnic or religious minorities.  They do this because the information doesn't fit their preferred narrative, and because they - insultingly and quite mistakenly - assume that the majority of indigenous Europeans are dumb racists whose violent instincts can only be kept in check by censorship and propaganda. When it comes to ethnic immigrants, leftists are endlessly optimistic; when it comes Northern European whites, they are endlessly pessimistic.

Fortunately, not all leftists feel that white folk are inherently evil, or that suppressing information is the best way to solve serious problems. I was extremely impressed by an article by Kevin Drum posted on the impeccably left-wing Mother Jones website two days ago.  It's quite short, and well worth reading. Most of the Left's attacks on Donald Trump's typically imprecise comments about Sweden's immigrant problem have consisted of trumpeting the (supposed) fact that Sweden's crime figures have been stable for several years, despite the influx of recent incomers. But Drum dug a little deeper: "...preliminary figures show that crime against persons was up 7 percent in 2016, including a 13 percent increase in reported rapes and a 14 percent increase in child abuse." Of course, the Swedish authorities have made certain that nobody can tell which section of the population is responsible for these alarming increases. Drum includes the following startling graphic, which covers crimes committed between 1997 and 2001:

He then adds the following, highly pertinent footnote: "Apparently this is the most recent report that examines crime rates by area of origin. I don't know why Sweden hasn't done anything more recent." 

Oh, I think we could take a wild guess, Kevin!


  1. Excellent stuff and to it we might add the BBC's deafening silence over recent events in Paris.

    At the rate we are going, the Left really will have some Nazis to contend with before long and they will have no one but themselves to blame.

  2. The Left already have some real Nazis to contend with, GCooper - strangely, most of them appear to be members of the Labour Party.

  3. This is a fine post. The price of freedom etc, so keep up the excellent work. It is all so unbearably sad to see a once great Nordic nation being dragged through the gutter by its elected politicians. Could go on, but enough said.