Saturday, 7 January 2017

We've quaffed the tears of leftist losers - now we must FIGHT!

The holiday season has given the right a chance to reflect - and the consensus is that we're going to have to fight like hell to hold on to 2016's gains, because the arrogant, vindictive, narcissistic liberal left still control practically every aspect of public life here and in the US, and it will take more than a few annoying democratic setbacks to loosen their vice-like grip on the reins of power. Conservatives (I mean real right-wing conservatives, not the vapid, dripping-wet, mealy-mouthed appeasers who occupy most of the Tory front bench or the Matthew Parris-style collaborators urging "accommodation" with the left in much of the "quality" press) haven't had such an opportunity since the 1980s. When - let's be honest - we mucked it up, because, while huge advances were made in spreading the economic gospel, not enough effort was put into disseminating the social/cultural gospel. If it had been, it's unlikely that the country would have been so comprehensively hoodwinked by an intellectually and morally lightweight chancer like Tony Blair...

...But Blair initially had most of the press and every broadcaster on his side, the whole of academia, the vast mass of teachers, the majority of civil servants (in fact, pretty much the entire public sector), the publishing profession, the entertainment/arts establishment, the Church of England, the Catholic Church - and, let's not forget, a sizeable chunk of the Tory Party. Abroad, he had the support of most EU leaders, and, after some spectacular brown-nosing, the President of the United States.

It's a bit different now, of course. Labour is being led by an ineffectual moron, the Lib-Dems by a nonentity, while the Tory leader is a tad more right-wing than her Blair-lite left-liberal predecessor. But, despite the Brexit vote and Cameron's act of self-defenestration, nothing much else has changed. The BBC - and Sky News - still pump out a constant stream of toxic left-wing propaganda. The civil service is still run by arch-liberal leftist Sir Jeremy Heywood and is still stuffed with ghastly creatures like the slavishly Europhiliac Sir Ivan Rogers, while the Bank of England (which admitted this week that its warnings of post-Brexit doom had been proved to be completely and utterly unfounded) is still being run by odious chocolate-teapot appeaser-in-chief Mark Carney. The Archbishop of Canterbury still spews out socially divisive leftist rhetoric at every opportunity, even thought the majority of Amglicans vote Conservative. Wanky actors and seriously thick pop singers still think they're morally superior to the rest of us, while the arts establishment still throws our money at ugly, modish bullshit that we all loathe. Despite its myriad failings, the sclerotic and ruinously expensive NHS is still lauded and lied about by swivel-eyed fanatics 24/7. Hordes of culturally unassimilable immigrants are still streaming into the country, and we still have idiotic "hate" laws in place. Our schools continue to churn out innumerate and illiterate unemployables, our universities are still staffed by political activists masquerading as academics, and an army of cynical, irresponsible, emotionally-blackmailing race-hucksters are left free to fan the flames of grievance, entitlement and anti-white racial hatred - aided and abetted, of course, by our achingly PC police. And, if anything, the number of drippy political Pétainist Tory MPs (you know, the sort that bang on about social justice, and equality and racism and the fair distribution of wealth and the need to "respect" immigrants etc.) seems to have actually increased! 

Right-wing politicians and commentators could ignore all this and concentrate solely on devising and implementing a Brexit plan that won't represent a betrayal of the national majority who voted for it, while (as usual) ceding control of every other aspect of our national life to the liberal left. This must not be allowed to happen! Here and in the States those of us on the Right can't sit back self-satisfiedly (almost guiltily astonished by recent events) and allow those who have lost a couple of major battles to wind up doing what they always do - i.e. win the war. Just as they did in the late '70s, American and British voters have rejected the cosy post-war globalist, corporatist, left-liberal consensus foisted on them by the Anointed. What really mustn't happen is that - after trade agreements and immigration laws have been rejigged - the self-satisfied Anointed remain in charge of everything else.

Two recent online articles have expressed it better than I ever could. First there's James Delingpole's typically rousing Breitbart piece, "Rules for Righties — a War-Winning Manifesto for 2017", followed by Kathy Gyngell's article for The Conservative Woman, "The cultural counter-revolution of 2016 is only a beginning" . They both basically proffer the same advice - "Always attack!" and "Never apologise!" In case those directives sound melodramatic or even a bit beastly, just remember: these bastards have spent decades questioning our intellect and our morals - and yet we're the ones who've been right about everything.  As Kathy Gyngell says, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for conservatives to get on the front foot: let's not waste it.

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