Sunday, 8 January 2017

Just when you thought virtue-signalling American entertainment industry lefties couldn't possibly get any more nauseating...

Just a tip before you start watching these astonishingly pompous, self-important pillocks - who nobody voted for - wagging their diverse little fingers at Donald Trump, who, you know, won the presidential election - and isn't even due to take office for another 12 days: liquid ginger extract mixed with water is an excellent cure for nausea:

An equally effective cure for nausea is this utterly splendid parody:

Nice to know that not every US entertainment industry sleb is a ghastly, posturing leftie. Let's hope more of the normal, sensible ones find the courage to speak up for their beliefs in future - although I realise the penalty they potentially pay for doing so is severe: there's nothing that tolerant, compassionate, point-and-shriek liberals seem to enjoy more than destroying the lives of those who disagree with their dreary, off-the-shelf political views. Of course, expressing enthusiasm for vicious, divisive identity politics doesn't cost these wretched conformists anything. Any American conservative who works in the film, television or music business and who refuses to hide their political leanings deserves the utmost respect (even if we're not fans). As for the numerous standard-issue leftie crybully actors, comics and pop singers, may their careers crash and burn, only to recover when they learn to keep their tedious, juvenile opinions on anything other than their craft firmly to themselves.

One final thought - given that the most of the SJWs in the first video earn their living by acting, why are their performances here so phoney and unconvincing? Odd.


  1. I caught excerpts from the Golden Globe awards this morning. Your post is very prescient. Somebody tweeted that after Ryan Gosling's tribute to his family [his wife had given birth to two children apparently. Blimey!] "my heart fragmented into a thousand love pieces."

    Hugh Laurie thanked a country that has rewarded his minimal acting talent with great wealth by rudely insulting their new President in his own backyard [imagine an American doing that to our Prime Minister at the BAFTAs?] and the drippy Father Trevor Huddlestone dedicated his acting award to UNICEF...erm, why?

    Christ, we've still got the Oscars to go.....

  2. I'm delighted to report that Fox & Friends featured a long segment about the ceremony accompanied by the on-screen strap-line "Hollywood Hissy-Fit". Meryl Streep's speech was an all-time "pot calls kettle black" classic. As they're paid a fortune to impersonate other, usually imaginary, people, why don't they imagine somebody sensible and impersonate them in real life?