Saturday, 28 January 2017

Quick nurse, the screens! And 20cc of Trump Derangement Syndrome serum! Now!

Failing that, there's always the old stand-by...

And somebody had better hand a tub of it to the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg for this bizarre, rambling, irrelevant and deeply insulting question to the President of the United States at his joint press conference with Theresa May this afternoon:

Yes, dear - I know all your media chums will have wet themselves with delight at your display of rudeness, but as a former BBC News employee, I was appalled. Keep your prejudices to yourself, woman. 


  1. It was excruciating, wasn't it? If you're lucky enough to get to ask a question keep it brief, keep it relevant and for the love of God don't presume to speak for vast swathes of the British people. Her demeanour was that of a naughty schoolgirl showing off in front of the class.
    I half hoped the president would give our Laura a steely stare, point to her and say, "Kuennsberg, you're fired." If only...

    1. I was genuinely disappointed in her performance, as I think she's been pretty good at her job so far. Jet-lag? Spending too much time with other leftie journalists? Seeing the world through BBC-goggles? Whatever, you're right - it was part bolshie schoolgirl and part Question Time audience members quivering with indignation as they ask a question they fondly imagine is an absolute zinger, but which we've heard a hundred times before... Laura Kuenssberg is better than that (or, at least, I thought she was).

  2. You really are a malignancy. Butt hurt? You think that is witty? Your fascists and racists have a President - and yet you still have this bizarre need to insult your political opposition. That smacks of incredible insecurity.
    Trump targets Muslims from countries where he doesn't have any business interests and which haven't exported any terrorists who have killed Americans - and yet leaves untouched the countries where he does have hotels or business interests but from which terrorists have killed Americans.

    Your pro-birth President - a man whose golden showers dossier is beginning to look and sound increasingly credible asthose who provided the intelligence are found very helpfully dead - displays despicable contempt for women and yet you - as a Christian man - turn a blind eye to his amorality. Is your wife a surrendered woman. Is she happy with 'pussy grabbing'? And atrocious locker room talK that demeans us all. Is this how you and she have reared your son to behave?
    Ugh. You parasitically live off the proceeds of former work with the BBC - but are a spineless bystander who is content to say nothing as your lord and master seeks to destroy journalism.
    Alternative facts?
    What on earth does your University education actually tell you about what 'alternative facts' as a phrase means?
    You are a disgrace to your Alma mater.

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    2. Trump Derangement Syndrome, antinomianism, and what Michael Wharton called a left-wing "frenzy of compassionate hatred" - all in one malodorous, fact-free package crammed with bile, preening self-righteousness and steaming gobs of baseless ad hominem insult.

      And we're the nasty ones?

      Trump isn't my president: I'm not a Trump supporter and I'm not American. Trump made some repellent remarks about women 12 years ago, in private: Bill Clinton is a sexual predator whose wife has spent years covering up his crimes and bullying his victims. The "golden shower" allegations remain unproved - as for mysterious deaths, I think there may be some confusion between Trump and his election opponent here! I support democracy - unlike all the shrieking left-wing fascists refusing to accept the results of recent democratic referendums and elections. I don’t have a “bizarre need” to insult “my” political opposition”- I do it because, if there’s one thing pompous, virtue-signalling cry-bullies can’t stand, it’s being mocked. I’m “incredibly insecure” and “spineless” - yet I'm not the one vomiting abuse while cowering behind a cloak of anonymity and spouting views of which everyone they know no doubt warmly approves. Contributing to a pension scheme for several decades in order to receive a pension upon retiring is parasitic? Who knew?

      My wife is no more a “surrendered woman” than I am a “surrendered man”. We are equals, except when it comes to opening the lids of jam jars. She doesn’t wear a hijab or a burqa, doesn’t trail in my wake when we’re out together, and disagrees with me on a whole range of issues. If anyone wishes to see “surrendered" women, I suggest they visit some Muslim countries (or, if that would make them nervous, visit some Muslim communities here in the West). "Is this how you and she have reared your son to behave?" What - our son is Donald Trump??? We may need some time to adjust to this bombshell.

      The pseudo-journalists of America’s left-liberal media betrayed their calling by willingly acting as propaganda shills for Saint Barack for eight years, much as their New Labour-supporting British equivalents did during the pre-Iraq War segment of Tony Blair's reign.

      "Alternative facts"? Nope - not clue what that's about. As for being a disgrace to my alma mater: I'm not so sure - KCS and Cambridge have both produced some pretty dodgy characters over the years.

      Anyway, it's occasionally good to be reminded of the sort of noisome CAUCs we right-of-centre conservatives are up against.