Friday, 27 January 2017

Banish those "Diane Abbott's on the BBC again" blues with Diane Abbott Bingo!

Here's how to play:

Print out one copy of the above Bingo card for each member of the household who will be watching Diane Abbott latest BBC appearance with you (you won't have long to wait - she's on about once an hour).

Every time the Shadow Home Secretary (no, honestly - she is!) employs one of the words, phrases or mannerisms on the card, just cross it out (remember to distribute writing implements beforehand).

The first person to cross out all 25 items must signal the fact by instantly leaping to their feet, shouting "Shut Up, You Vile Anti-White Racist Moron!" and making V-signs at the TV or computer screen with both hands (middle fingers are an acceptable alternative, especially for younger people and visiting Americans).

Everyone in the room must then yell insults at the screen for 30 seconds before the winner switches to another channel. (We recommend choosing a non-BBC channel, as the Labour Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington might be appearing on several BBC channels at the same time).

It's easy to play, it's fun, and it's free - and it just about makes having to watch this utterly ghastly woman bearable.


  1. Excellent. I hope "Anonymous" enjoyed this as much as I did. I especially appreciated the closing of the eyes. Joan of Arc used to do this when she heard her celestial voices.

    On a more serious note, the BBC kow-towing got faintly ridiculous a week or so ago. On 20/1 she was on "Any Questions", then "Question Time" on 26/1 which was followed by a slot on "To-day" on 30/1.

    At least Andrew Neill gave her a good slapping after her cowardice over the Brexit vote [see John Major's behaviour when Mrs Thatcher needed his support - wisdom tooth trouble, I believe]. The hero dies but once..etc

    Anyway, I suspect I would not have felt very well if I had been out boozing with Thornberry and Chakrabarti the night before. Is Shama supposed to be drinking, I ask myself?

    1. Shami's Bengali parents both attended Catholic schools in Calcutta, so she can get plastered every night, no worries!

      I see Abbott had to be coaxed from her seat in the Commons to vote for Brexit on Wednesday by none other than Keith Vaz, no doubt with the words, "Hey, Diane, let's get this party started!"
      She was probably just waiting for the Migraleve to kick in, poor thing.