Monday, 19 December 2016

One of my few remaining Facebook BBC "friends" just bit the dust for "liking" this garbage...

"How can it be right for Newsnight to put two members of the hard or far Right – Suzanne Evans of UKIP, and the reactionary right-wing author Peter Hitchens – on a panel of three, the third member, not even presenting counter-arguments, a much less well known historian? And for Kirsty Wark to bandy about the phrase ‘smug liberal elite’, apparently without irony?"
Let me get this straight...

...the Guardian-reading liberal-left's propaganda machine, Newnight, for once features a panel on which those on the right of the political spectrum outnumber those on the left - and some smug liberal elitist (apparently without irony) questions how can it be right?

The mind boggles. Could it be that this lefty has actually never watched Newsnight and is therefore unaware that it regularly features panels of three or four guests on which the Right is entirely unrepresented? I suspect he watches the programme regularly, and has simply become so addicted to hearing his own prejudices approvingly echoed back at him by its left-wing presenters, its left-wing reporters and its endless procession of left-wing guests that having his dose of self-approving leftiness slightly reduced for one lousy night has caused severe withdrawal symptoms. Only a lifetime spent watching relentlessly left-wing programmes such as Newsnight could lead someone to imagine that either Peter Hitchens or Suzanne Evans represent the "hard" or "far" right - or that it's reasonable or just for a broadcasting organisation funded by a compulsory poll tax to deliberately exclude voices which represent the political views of roughly half of all licence-payers.

These people have simply had it their own way for too long.

I'm sorry to have politically sanitised my Facebook timeline, especially as I've always prided myself on being able to listen to reasonably-expressed contrary opinions without instantly throwing a wobbler. Maybe it's getting older that has made me less tolerant - but I suspect the real cause of my tetchiness is disappointment at how intolerant and irrational and undemocratic many formerly mild-mannered left-liberals have proved themselves to be in the wake of political setbacks. One expects sneering, vindictive  pettiness from  the "hard" and "far" left - along with violence, hatred, prejudice and stupidity, of course - but I honestly expected better from liberal leftists, whose displays of irrational petulance in the face of the Brexit and Trump results have stopped being amusing, and are becoming thoroughly nauseating. Coming across the sort of comments at the top of this post is much like stepping in a pile of dog poo - you have to waste a lot of time scraping it off and getting rid of the smell.

I genuinely congratulate those leftist friends and acquaintances who swiftly regained their sense of perspective after several results which must have been bitterly disappointing. Those of us on the right know only too well how it feels. To the rest I say, grow up and get a fucking grip: you're embarrassing yourselves. Or just carry on bitching, because I suspect every time you go into your snobbish, whining, sore-loser routine, you alienate yet more voters.

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