Saturday, 17 December 2016

Left-wing Newsweek "journalist" Kurt Eichenwald has breakdown live on air - why mordern lefties can't bear defeat

Quick, nurse - the screens!...

...Apparently, Kurt then got busy deleting the tweets referred to by Tucker Carlson: please rearrange the following words into a well-known phrase or saying: horse, after, door, stable, the, bolted, has and locking.

Why does losing elections cause left-wingers such dreadful psychic distress? It's not even as if Eichenwald was standing for office - he's just a reporter, for goodness sake. Perhaps leftists have simply had it their own way for too long, and they've forgotten what it's like to lose. But, by the same token, I don't remember any conservative journalist or politician behaving this bizarrely after the Tories were turfed out in 1997 after 17 years in power, or when Bill Clinton won in 1992 after 12 years of Republican rule. The only time I can remember the losing side being as unhinged as the Democrats by a loss here was earlier this year, following the Brexit vote: rather than graciously conceding defeat, a large number of Remainers have behaved as babyishly and petulantly as possible - it's as if half the country has decided to throw an endless Little Mr. Crankypants strop: London is positively awash with the stuff the tantrum-throwing crosspatches have been throwing out of their prams for the past six months.

I can only think of one possible explanation: while left-wingers lose elections and votes here and in the US on a fairly regular basis, their fantastically successful, subversive "long march through the institutions" - academia,  the criminal justice system, broadcasting, The Arts etc. - has led them to view victory in all spheres as inevitable.  And who can blame them? When an outgoing Conservative prime minister cites a law legalising gay marriage as his finest achievement after six years in office, you know your side has basically won - whoever is in power, whoever or whatever the low-information groundlings have voted for, they can't stop progressives getting exactly what they want. History is on their side. But Brexit and Trump? Well, they're different, somehow.

For a start, Brexit (well, the "means Brexit" variety, at least) is scarily final. What if it were to happen and were to prove an enormous success? What if it proved that the free movement of people and mass, uncontrolled immigration  was actually a pretty sucky idea? What if the British economy surges ahead outside the Single Market, thereby demonstrating that being bossed about by faceless, unelected, foreign, dirigiste bureaucrats really is as bad for us as those utterly horrid right-wingers have always claimed it is? Where will all end? Help!

As for American lefties and Trump's victory, one suspects the problem, again, is that he might turn out to be a pretty decent president, and that he somehow actually does manage to jump-start the world's largest economy, reinvigorates the rust-belt, makes America respected (or feared) abroad once more, halts the flood of illegal immigrants from south of the border, and actually does "make America great again"? Incredibly unlikely, I know - but I suspect this is what is causing twits like Eichenwald to fill their diapers.

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