Monday, 21 November 2016

Two spoofs that prove American and British leftists can still laugh at themselves...first the SNL "Bubble" sketch...

Not to be outdone, some merry prankster in the ranks of the UK Labour Party last week issued an evidently announcement that the party's immigration spokesman was to be none other than:
O course, the idea that Labour would be daft enough to place Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott in charge of the most electorally contentious issue of the day is ridiculous. After all, she has a long and shameful history of making outrageous anti-white racist comments - e.g. black mothers love their children more than white mothers; white people like to play divide and rule; the NHS shouldn't employ blonde Finnish nurses because they wouldn't have met, "let alone touched", a black person etc. Given that such a move would drive even more white working-class voters into the arms of UKIP, it would need a party leader utterly divorced from reality - and one with a brain the size of a processed pea - to sanction it... 

Oh, hang on, I'm beginning to see how this might have happened. Still, at least we know Diane has experience of handling whichever briefs Jeremy Corbyn chooses to hand her (or has ripped off him).

I can already see the party's next election slogan - Vote Labour - Pure 24/7 Comedy Gold.

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