Monday, 7 November 2016

Okay, Fox News's Sean Hannity has gone a little nuts over Trump - but he does have a point!

Back here, I'm certainly backing comedian Lee Hurst's proposal to stop stupid provincial proles from having any say in how Britain's plutocracy runs the country...

The only suggestion I'd make is that, as the London borough of Lambeth proved the most slavishly Europhile in the recent Potemkin referendum (78.6% preferred to be ruled by unelected foreign bureaucrats), its residents should be added to Hurst's somewhat narrow but extremely sensible list of qualified voters. The denizens of Hackney were only 0.1% behind Lambeth in signalling their adoration of Jean-Claude Drunker and his unelected henchmen, but they're obviously far too common to be included. (In case there's any doubt, Hurst is being sarcastic. )

Meanwhile, back to the US elections - can anyone help stand-up comedian Andrew Lawrence with this query:
In fact I'm not sure I could name a single member of the entire American entertainment community who has had the guts to come out for Hillary Clinton. If she wins, it'll certainly be an absolute triumph for the little people against the left-liberal elites.

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  1. Andrew Lawrence, you could look at Youtube, Saturday Night Live spoof debates with faux Trump/Clinton.