Saturday, 4 June 2016

Jean-Claude Druncker, the Leader of Europe, channeling Boris Yeltsin ... another great reason to Vote Remain

Presumably our Dear Leader was in a similar condition when he tweeted the following on 6th May:

This tweet no longer exists on the Dear Leader's Twitter time-line - I wonder why?


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  1. Not only has the tweet disappeared, but the item on greeting EU leaders has been taken down from European Francophone web sites apparantly ["cette video n'est plus disponible" if my schoolboy French is still working]. Probably influenced by Hollande who is made to look a right prat. I don't think this is what CDG had in mind. I wonder how Mrs Thatcher would have reacted? Anyway, the Swedish commentator is brimming with disdain. And Freddie Frinton is still - in spite of the new Caliphate - one of Sweden's favourite acts.
    At the end of the day it does not matter if this Luxembourg non-entity decides to get lit up like a Christmas tree in public because he has no military power at his disposal. But Boris Yeltsin and all that hardware and those divisions a few years ago! Vladimir, stay off the vodka for all our sakes.