Friday, 4 March 2016

I'm not sure the word "deserves" means what she thinks it means...

Deserves? Really?...

...I suppose it would be "nice" if everyone... blah, blah, blah. But only, of course, if those "role models" had risen to the top because they actually deserved to - i.e. they were the best available person for the job. If they got that job purely because of the colour of their skin, to fill some sort of racial quota in order, for social engineering purposes, to make people of a similar pigmentation feel better, then, not only wouldn't they deserve the job, but it would also mean that somebody who actually did deserve it had been denied it because of their skin colour. Last time I looked, that counted as racial prejudice, which is illegal in this country. You'd think students - who are, after all, supposed to be the most intellectually gifted members of their generation - might be able to grasp this very simple point, especially as their degrees are (presumably) classified on the basis of the quality of their work rather than on the colour of their skin.

People from minorities (of any sort) only succeed in becoming genuine role models if they have overcome what our society sees as their disadvantages - skin colour, poverty, disability, sexual orientation etc. Anointing them as role models because of those traits means that they actually become symbols of injustice - and therefore are only likely to be accepted as role models by useless entitlement-junkies (who we should do everything in our power to discourage), rather than by those who want to earn (i.e. to deserve) their rewards. Race shouldn't ever be an obstacle to genuine success - but then, neither should it guarantee a spurious, state-imposed version of it.

Race matters because... race hucksters so desperately need it to.


  1. It's "Proposition Joe" from " The Wire"?

    1. I have reported this comment to Police Scotland.