Thursday, 17 March 2016

"Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it" - an extremely useful film quote from "Billy Madison"

How odd to find such a great line in an Adam Sandler movie! Nevertheless, just imagine...

...all the situations in which it would prove useful. For instance, in any discussion involving EU Remain enthusiasts when they claim that all British trade with the EU will stop and we'll all be six inches shorter if we leave; when a climate change holy-roller asserts that the Syrian refugee crisis is a result of global warming or that the polar bear population shrinking, growing or staying the same all indicate that we are doomed; when any left-wing nutjob assures us that austerity is an evil right-wing plot to crush the lower orders and that borrowing billions to spend on public sector infrastructure projects is actually nice, cuddly, morally admirable "investment" rather than nasty, reprehensible "borrowing"; when any left-liberal social justice warrior education "expert" tries to convince us that when our school system fails to produce the desired number of successful ethnic minority applicants for places at our best universities, we should nevertheless award places to a "proportionate" number of them because they'll instantly, you know, catch up - somehow - and it won't be at all unfair on all the white middle-class students who will denied the education they deserve as a result; and when any SNP supporter calls for another independence referendum, despite the fact that, had they gained their freedom in 2014, they'd now be facing the biggest deficit in the western world. 

And, of course, the quote could be appended automatically as a comment to every opinion piece published by The Guardian. Or intoned by a continuity presenter following any pronouncement made on Newsnight

Here is the quote written out to make it easier to memorise:

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