Wednesday, 23 December 2015

And a very Merry Christmas to all the light-hearted frolickers at the Guardian (h/t Ben Everitt)

And here are more jolly Guardian elves skipping through a winter wonderland, spreading festive cheer...

And in case those hefty doses of misery from the dementors of the New Left haven't extinguished all joy in your heart, try these:

And a really ghastly, depressing New Year to all of them!


  1. That rather reinforces the notion of Leftism being adolescent rebelliousness perpetuated into adulthood, doesn't it? They're like the goth kids in South Park, enjoying the hell out of their painted on misery for all they are worth.

    Not like me or, I suspect, you, or most other raving neocon fascist Nazi sympathisers (or whatever we're supposed to be this week) who positively revel in Christmas!

    Speaking of which, have a very merry one, old chap and similar good wishes to all the other Right wing loons who infest this hateful, hateful place! (exits, sobbing about the fate of immigrants, Jeremy Corbyn, Chilean miners - no wait - was that last year?)

  2. A seasonally appropriate meeting of Religion and Conservatism may be observed at the website of the Acton Institute :

    If you perceive a resemblance between this organisation's President , Rev. Robert Sirico, and the actor who played the white - sidewall - haired Paulie Gualtieri in The Sopranos, it's because they are brothers.