Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The BBC claims this is a photo of Michelle Obama visiting a school in London

Two things. First, the tone which the British media adopts when covering visits to this country by President Obama's wife is nauseating. Even the Telegraph is in goofy teenage fan mode this morning. To the dear old squishy left-liberal BBC, well, she's even more of an idol than her dreary, deadbeat failure of a hubby. It's as if we'd never moved on from good old hopey-changey 2009, and that the majority of Americans hadn't cottoned to the fact that Barry has been an absolute disaster for their country and for liberty and stability in much of the rest of the world.

As for the above photo, it will either gladden your heart (look at how wonderfully welcoming, inclusive and tolerant we are as a country) or make it sink, because we can't help wondering if the existence of schools in which the idigenous population appears to be wholly unrepresented is really such a spiffing idea. After all, isn't it this sort of monoculturalism among certain groups of incomers that has led to so many people with British passports feeling so unconnected to the country where they live that they're only too eager to travel to war-stricken Third World crap-holes for the chance to slaughter anyone who doesn't accept their chilling, primitive, loveless view of the world?

Apparently, Her Ladyship's visit was part of her campaign to highlight girls' education as an "urgent economic issue". In which case, might she not be better occupied visiting girls' schools in Muslim countries - at least, those Muslim countries where educating young women isn't illegal? Come to think of it, she might consider concentrating on inner city schools in her own country, in many of which the level of academic achievement and quality of teaching is reportedly abysmal. Why does she feel the need to come here to highlight this "urgent" issue?

Finally, although the photo was purportedly taken in London, it wasn't. It was Tower Hamlets. 


  1. It's good to see Worf from Star Trek showing solidarity with Bruce Jenner by wearing a frock.

    It's that sort of thing that puts a real spring in your step on a chilly June morning.

  2. I've nothing (much) against Mrs Obama. She's clearly intelligent, articulate and speaks well. However do we really have to put up with this gut wrenching adoration from the Beeb and their fellow travellers. The endless fawning is really toe curling and should come with a vomit warning.
    Yes, girls need to be educated. We know this in England, we've known it for decades and we've done it for decades. We don't need Mrs O to explain these fundamentals to us.
    Why not try this pc spiel in Afghanistan?