Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Help destroy the Labour Party - for just £3, you can vote for Jeremy Corbyn as its next leader!

Courtesy of Guido Fawkes

The great thing is, you don't even have to join their miserable, crappy, doomed party in order to destroy it - you just have to sign up as a "registered supporter". The opportunity to advance the cause of liberty, prosperity, property rights and the rule of law for just three quid by ensuring Labour's electoral oblivion for at least a generation sounds like one hell of a bargain to me! 

In case you're wondering what sort of chap you'd be placing in charge of this country's main left-wing party, here's a hint:
So we know he represents the real Taliban Labour - a stranger to common sense or compromise and utterly unwilling to do what's right for the next generation if it interferes with his ruinous, bone-headed ideology. Top man!

For details on how to help Labour commit electoral suicide, visit their website here and sign up before they realise what a stupendous blunder they've made (if they ever do - after all, they still haven't figured out why they lost the last election). 

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